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History is on our side

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  • History is on our side

    We in the United States used to practice female circumcision as well, though it was far less common, and doctors even recommended it. This didn't end when doctors admitted that it was barbaric and child abuse, it ended when public disgust forced the government to outright ban the practice, and the medical establishment pretended as if it never happened.

    Another example is the tobacco industry- I actually wrote a blog post on it:
    Doctors used to recommend smoking as beneficial to your health, and the tobacco industry released bogus studies claiming it was not harmful- this didn't end when the tobacco industry admitted that it was harmful, but when then 'fringe' studies proved otherwise and public disgust forced the government to mandate warnings be put on cigarette packages.

    ​​​Even now, each successive generation, statistically, is less likely to circumcise and more likely to see it for what it is than the last. Already, more of generation Z opposes circumcision than supports it. Me and all my brothers see it as genital mutilation, and none of us are going to mutilate our kids if we have any. If any of us do have kids, they aren't going to mutilate their sons either, and they are likely to turn out as activists.

    As Victor Hugo once said- no army can stop an idea whose time has come, and genital integrity is an idea whose time is long overdue.