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  • How do I go about it?

    After the incident of FGM appeared on the news, which played in the living room, my dad and step mom began talking about Female Genital Mutilation, and my younger step sister asked them "why do they only do it to girls?" I was tempted at that moment to say "they don't just do it to girls!" But I refrained, to avoid detracting from FGM or inviting a discussion about religious views with my father. It made me notice, however, that she didn't know about MGM, and might end up mutilating her future son not thinking about it that way. She deserves to know, and if I get to her before the circumcision propaganda does, I may be,able to save a few future boys from genital mutilation. How do I tell her? Without my dad or step mom noticing? Albert Einstein said the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who stand by and let it happen.

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    You talk to her in a way that helps her feel safe about discussing this issue. There is a great book on how to do that: Crucial Conversations

    I highly recommend it.

    And point her to the many sites providing a good explanation of how important it is to leave boys intact:

    BUT DO NOT simply send her these links. That is not effective. Wait until you have some sense of what her concerns are, if any, about leaving any son intact. If she is worried because the medical community advocates for circumcision, then send her a link or two with doctors explaining, for example. Or, if she seems to want to delve into the many aspects, send her the Intacitivsm link and give her time to explore that one.

    And, expect this may be a dialogue that needs multiple discussions, with time for her to ponder in between.

    That is how I would handle it.