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Anything to be done for a circumcised baby?I've thought of

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  • Anything to be done for a circumcised baby?I've thought of

    I'm not sure if my 1.5yo cousin is cut or not. If he is, should I worry/seek to do something about it? If I were to learn that he's cut, I'd give his parents a heads-up about a potential "angry at mom and dad" phase, but that feels hollow to me, like I'm using it as an excuse to worry or something.

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    If it were me, I'd leave it alone. If he is cut, it's too late to do anything about it. If not, then there's no reason to get worked up about it.
    If he is cut, I don't know what it would accomplish to tell the parents that there might be an "angry at mom and dad phase".

    Now, if later down the line, you find out that he is going to get circumcised for medical reasons (this is assuming he's intact, obviously), then I'd say that would be the time to do a little digging into what's going on, and put your two cents in, if necessary.


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      I first asked why another kid's penis was so different to mine when I was 6. My mom told me mine was better because I had been circumcised and I took her word for it.
      I only figured out I could do something about it by the time I was 30.
      It would have been nice if someone had given me a heads up as a kid. That would have prevented much of the consequential damage.
      No idea how to go about informing other kids or even their parents for that matter.