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This One Really Makes Me Angry!

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  • This One Really Makes Me Angry!

    I have a collection of letters to Forum, titled, "The Sex Life Letters," compiled & edited with commentary by Dr. Harold Greenwald and Ruth Greenwald, Bantam paperback edition, June, 1973, with letters from 1968-1972.

    In the final sentence of the letter, the italics are mine, and just reading what is said makes me very, very angry, as I am sure that will happen to many other Intactivists who read it.

    Female view of circumcision

    My husband has finally persuaded me to write to you following the lengthy correspondence for and against circumcision. Why not, he has said, give the "customer reaction." Having strong views on the subject myself I am very surprised that all the letters on it seem to have come from men. Yet, as I fully know circumcision is a factor which affects sexual efficiency.

    I am as fond as most sexually awakened women of pre-intercourse foreply, of cunnilingus and the rest, but, after all, these are only the preperation for the real thing which is having a firm and active penis inside the place it is intended to be. For me it cannot be too active and it certainly must be capable of lasting for it is poor (and unusual) lovemaking when my husband and I do not go through three or four positions before orgasm. As far as I am concerned the measure of a good penis is not length or even circumference but its ability to stay erect. This is where the circumcised man gains; if he does it at the expense of quick sensitivity he gains immeasurably in the end.

    I was first married at the age of 18 knowing little of sex and my first sight of an erect penis was on my wedding night. I can remember to this day the fascination of seeing it push through the foreskin but as the days passed fascination turned to frustration because it was so sensitive that foreply was out of the question and it became a race to complete penetration before ejaculation. There is no doubt that this was the root cause of our breakup for in spite of all our efforts and the use of thick condoms we could never satisfy each other.

    Three years later I met and fell in love with my present husband though with the unhappy sex experience behind me I was very diffident about risking a second marriage.

    Fortunately he was understanding as well as persuasive. One weekend was all that it needed to cure my sexual inhibitions. I remember also seeing his penis for the first time and being a little disappointed at the stumpiness that circumcison caused but I can assure you that the disapointment soon disappeared with the performance.

    We have two daughters but if, as I hope, a son will be forthcoming he will very quickly have his foreskin removed!

    Mrs. L.W.

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    fucking hell.. Why do parents feel compelled to carve their sexual preferences into the genitals of non-consenting infants? Is she anticipating ever having sex with her future son?
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      It's funny that the author proclaims her sexual inexperience and then immediately starts trying to give sexual advice.

      There are circumcised people who will finish in 5 seconds and there are intact people who have a hard time finishing. But this woman doesn't care about statistics enough to come to a reasonable conclusion based on her limited sample size.


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        I would never "re-circumcise" myself for the sexual pleasure of my partner. I believe that sexual gratification is an important part of every relationship and I would consider myself pretty kinky and have a few fetishes but I would never do such a sadistic thing as to cut a part of my body off for the sexual pleasure of my partner, I wouldn't even care if we were the perfect match for each other and just "destined by the stars and the cosmos bullshit" to be together if they even mentioned that they like a circumcised penis better that would trigger an immediate break up in my mind.

        that bitch deserves to get punched in the face for wanting to circumcise her future child, especially since she made the decision based on her own sexual preference, just SICK!!!!

        foreskin 4 ever \o/


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          That is the craziest ‘customer satisfaction’ response letter load of horse shit I’ve ever read. I agree with resto-mod, except in, that bitch shouldn’t be punched in the face, instead, she ought to be made love to by an experienced intact man to show her what real lovemaking can be. It’s so funny that she would recommend to her two daughters to have her grand babies circ’d, should either ever give birth to baby boys. The dumb **** hasn’t taken into consideration that her daughters with a high probability, will most likely end up marrying intact men who will no doubt tell her what’s what if and when their wives should ever give birth to boys...hahaha! God is not sleeping and He knows how to deal with stupid imbeciles like this silly bitch.


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            I had just sent emails to both of my sisters who had all boys between them. Unfortunately, their boys were born over twenty years ago, but I shared in my email that should either of them someday become grandmas of baby PLEASE educate themselves on the harmful effects of unnecessary routine infant male genital mutilation. I also shared my own experiences with total loss of sensitivity and sensation in my genitals and how the negative effects impacted my sex life. Almost bringing it to an end. Believe me, I am being very vigilant and if any of my nephews should someday become fathers of boys, I will be having a heart to heart with each of them prior to the birth of their sons. KOT!


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              So I guess it's all about what the stupid woman wants? Screw our pleasure and experiences right? What a selfish ****!