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Think there is an FBI CointelPro for us?

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    The fundamental message on this website is that, what circumcision left you with is not a life sentence. While what was done can't be completely "reversed" (as one money seeking group states), we can (and some of us have; I have) regained much of what was taken. We changed ourselves for the better. We became more functional (on many levels), for ourselves and for our partners.

    The "victims" and especially the "martyrs" always skip over that, they ignore it, and some seem to be completely deaf to it due to their depressed self-focus. That doesn't have to be. You can step away from using an excuse.

    If words and self-descriptions count so much with you, then change what you call yourself. That's where it starts. Doing that is your right, and your power in this situation. Make that happen.