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Less is less - The stupid banana analogy fixed at last

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  • Less is less - The stupid banana analogy fixed at last

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    Beautifully illustrated Ron


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      Originally posted by tuguser View Post
      Beautifully illustrated Ron
      Illustration by the late Jonathon Conte - whose Mother's Day suicide (4 months after this was posted here) was motivated by his mom's lack of contrition about mutilating his penis.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        Wow... I didn’t know the back story...very sad. For my own part. When I told my dad about my FR, he apologized for ’ruining’ my life. He shared that he didn’t want it to be done to me, but my mom insisted. I guess he capitulated because apparently his whole life he’d been experiencing such problems with his own foreskin. A lot of swelling, infection and also over sensitivity and pre mature ejaculation. He probably wanted me to avoid all his tribulations. In fact, from that conversation, I learned that was one of the reasons why for years, he’d trained his foreskin to retract and remain bunched behind his glans, probably to get it accustomed to being exposed so the over sensitivity would dissipate. He also told me a doctor had prescribed him a ‘cream’, I forget the name, to dull or numb his overly sensitive glans. (I often wonder why he didn’t think that could also be a viable solution for me as well...should that eventually be of some concern??) After all, it worked for him.
        I then shared with my dad the knowledge I’d learned from reading Ron Low’s posts regarding proper care and washing of the glans during shower or bath time, which was simply to retract foreskin and rinse glans with water only, not soap, then pull foreskin forward afterward. To much surprise, my dad followed this advise and later reported back to me that now he no longer was having issues with his foreskin. Note: this is an eighty two year old man and all these years no one ever explained or simply told him how to properly wash or rinse his penis! His situation was most likely exacerbated by the fact that his use of harsh soapy cleaners (like Irish Spring soap) was contributing to throwing off his body’s natural biome culture within his foreskin. Ever since he started to rinse his glans and inner foreskin with water only, then re covering it before continuing with his shower, he no longer is experiencing trouble in this area. THANKS RON!
        It just amazes me how much simple knowledge about trivial things like how to properly care for, clean or maintain a healthy body, just wasn’t taught to so many of that generation. I guess many of them were left to figure things out for themselves. God bless the internet...not a statement that’s often heard these days 😂
        I’m still intending to have a good talk with my mom one day soon, so I can share some enlightening information. I’ve already shared some with both my sisters. Unfortunately, I’m decades too late for their own sons, but maybe just in time for any boy grand babies that are yet to come. 🤞🏼🙏🏼