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Now it's Korean babies, but the offenders remain the same

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  • Now it's Korean babies, but the offenders remain the same

    Just read this. At least for the popular press it's somewhat balanced, and somewhat informative. Good for them. And shame on the so-called "celebrities" who should use their visibility to campaign against, not for, circ, especially when there are other sources for growth factor for cosmetics, of all things. Jesus.

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    That's really fucked up but not like we haven't heard it before with oprah's skin cream. Using foreskin stem cells to make these old ugly ass women's faces look slightly less wrinkly is the dumbest waste of that skin.

    This is interesting though-
    "Another small study, which used EGF derived from barley instead of foreskins, found that use of an EGF serum twice daily for three months improved the appearance of brown spots, pore size, wrinkles and even overall skin texture"

    In theory if we use this EGF (but ethically sourced!) since it promotes cell growth we could use it to speed up restoration? It's probably not safe to use on mucus membranes though and I do understand the structures of the skin in the penis are different from the face skin.


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      The article states that the serum uses cloned cells, so initially there were foreskins harvested from infants but hypothetically they can just keep reproducing those cells without harvesting any more from infants. In practice I don't know how true this is.

      But it's something I wasn't aware was a possibility. And it's an interesting moral exercise to determine whether the cloned cells are ok to use under the assumption that no more "initial supply" is required.


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        I'm pretty sure the vast majority of South Koreans get circumcised around age 12, not as newborns.


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          I notice that there was no comment section beneath the article. Very telling.


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            If anyone needs help protesting a screening of Oceans 8, or any event where Sandra Bullock or Cate Blanchett are celebrated, just contact me.
            -Ron Low
            847 414-1692 Chicago


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              Originally posted by Reality
              And I should say, I learned something from the article: I wasn't aware of plant-sourced EGF as an alternative. Can anyone make a strong claim for a "preference" for an unaware, non consented human tissue source when this is available? Just adding to the argument, one small point at a time. This point is one more inroad in the anti circ argument.
              You'd think this method of sourcing would end the use of foreskin tissue, but it's apparently not so simple. My guess is not everyone currently has access to the genetically engineered barley plants that are made to produce epidermal growth factor (which is not uncontroversial in itself - Google it), but tissue banks are easy to find and will probably sell to anybody. If anyone ever decides to market this barley-derived EGF, it most likely won't be cheaper than what's already commercially available.