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Sourcing articles for the "Press Room" section.

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  • Sourcing articles for the "Press Room" section.

    This is a slightly modified version of a post I made at the old forum:

    Here are some sources I've found useful for sourcing articles for the "Press Room" (http://foreskinrestoration.vbulletin...s/press-room):

    Google [] (select News, Search tools, Sorted by date)
    Yahoo! [] (select News, Sort Results by: Time)
    WebCrawler [] (Select News, most recent aricles will appear first by default) - Sometimes finds articles that were missed by Google or Yahoo
    PubMed [] (most recently added abstracts will appear first by default)
    Government agency mailing-lists have also yielded useful information, and are discussed at length here (

    Conducting searches of the terms 'circumcision' and 'foreskin' (separately) can potentially yield articles worth adding to our knowledge base (however, searching 'foreskin' on PubMed will result in a lot of abstracts that only mention as an aside that foreskin fibroblasts were used in research).

    I will be focusing on articles to do with Africa, Australia, China, India and NIH and PEPFAR sponsored research and programs conducted outside the U.S., as well as articles from other nations that have some kind of international relevance (e.g. Australian, Chinese, Israeli and Malaysian firms seeking to export circumcision devices abroad to meet the demand from HIV-related mass circumcision programs).

    These issues are interrelated; proponents of circumcision in Australia mostly cite NIH-sponsored research in calls for reinstating routine circumcision, proponents of circumcision in China and India cite HIV-prevention arising from the African circumcision trials (and likewise, Chinese manufacturers are seeking to export devices abroad) mass circumcision for HIV-prevention in Africa can't be considered in isolation of cultural circumcision practices etc.

    Other readers are welcome to source articles related to the ethical and religious issues surrounding male circumcision, as well as articles related to domestic issues in the U.S. (including Medicaid coverage, botches and their associated lawsuits etc.), the UK (NHS, Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Partnership -, Europe etc.

    Please add any good sources of articles you may be aware of.

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    Here are two links to collect content from the old forum from the Wayback Machine:*/http:/...thread.php?t=**/http:/...owpost.php?p=*

    You'll get 20 or 50 pages of links. Many will be redundant. If you weed through a page to see if there was anything interesting, post here and we'll consider that page cleared.

    I have sorted through page 1 of the 50 or so result pages from*/http:/...thread.php?t=* and it yielded a few citations.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      11-12-2015, 04:22 PM

      This links to a Forum Front page, some of the individual forums are click-able, some individual forums will advance to page 2, page 3, and so on. It seems to be from January, 2012. Will need to copy and paste into browser.

      Here's another interesting Wayback address which allows you to follow a conversation thread.
      Or, take a look at this

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