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  • Interesting talk with urologist

    Today I went for a meeting with one of our most famous urologists in Belgium. He recently published a popular science book on the penis, and when announcing it he gave some interviews on national TV speaking out against non-medically required circumcisions, and explaining how much sensitive tissue is removed during circumcision.

    In his book, he also stated that non-surgical restoration does not or does barely work. I contacted him about that statement, and told him I'm in the process of restoring and writing an e-book on circumcision and foreskin restoration. He invited me over to discuss the matter, so today I went there and gave a short presentation about my ongoing efforts, both in restoring and in writing my book. I told him that restoration definitely works, but that's indeed more of a marathon than a sprint. Initially he was quite skeptical and saying that it would mainly be stretching the skin and that it would creep back when quitting. Also, I showed some examples of people here, and he was saying that many seemed to have a bit of a burried penis at the end. While that might seem to be the case for some, he also agreed that it could of course have an impact on the penile sensitivity, so at least he agreed that it could be a solution for many of us. He was in fact most surprised with my own progress pictures, as I showed many of the side-by-side comparisons that I've posted here the last 2 years, and there he agreed that some of the differences were very striking. He also congratulated me on my efforts in terms of restoring and the results I got so far. He also said that he admired the fact that I want to speak up about the subject, but at the same time he expressed some concerns. I asked him why he made such a strong statement on restoration not working, while clearly many people see results and are happy with that. He said that many of the patients he get that are dissatisfied with being circumcised often already have psychological issues and are very much focussed on their penis. He said that he believes that only a small fraction of people actually manages to make restoration work, and that he didn't want to create extra psychological issues for these people if they get their hopes up and then end up quiting. I can understand his concerns in that respect, and I will probably also write more about that in my book later on.

    I also had a few questions for him, as some of the messages in his book were a bit confusing to me. He speaks out strongly against infant circumcision, primarily due to loss of sensitivity. His reasoning for this is the same as mine, namely that it should be a person's own choice if he wants to get circumcised or not. The reason why I'm a bit surprised about him speaking out so strongly is because he got circumcised in his 20's and he says he's very happy he had it done. I also asked why he went for it, and it turns out that the boyfriend he was with at that stage was circumcised, and he liked that a lot in terms of looks, so he decided to also go for that. I told him that I really appreciate that he's making a strong case against infant circumcision, while liking to be circumcised himself.

    I'm glad I could have such an open discussion with this urologist, even if he might still be sceptical about restoration. At first it felt a bit weird for me to go and meet with someone I had never seen before, and then pulling op a powerpoint with pictures of my own penis, but he definitely was open to have a nice discussion. He also asked to keep him posted on when I would publish the book and I asked him if he was willing to proof read it for me, something to which he agreed.

    There was also one very positive side note to the book he published recently, as many parents brought their sons in for a second opinion after they got the advice to circumcise them for phimosis. He said that every week nog he get 5 to 10 kids that he could save from circumcision, just because of the book and his interviews when he published it. Obviously I congratulated him on that as well, this is real progress!

    All in all things were more positive than I initially expected, so I'm glad I went for it.
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    I've lurked on, or belonged to, many forums over the years, and your post is amazing, nothing like it over the decades. Thanks, it means more than most guys here realize.