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don't you feel lonesome?

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  • don't you feel lonesome?

    hi there.

    this doesn't mean that i want to vent on it but i was just keeping myself into this thought: don't you feel lonesome? i mean, ok, i'm cut and i'm trying to achieve a state of coverage that i might get or not depending on my effort on tugging, etc, let's say i get it and i share this with all of you on this forum. that's great and for sure i'm aware you'd get totally how i feel towards my circumcision and subsequently, my restoration. that's great!

    but i wonder if any of you have ever felt any feeling of loneliness on this road?

    i come across it everytime i tell somebody about how i feel about everything on this subject and intactivism in a country where the majority is uncut and then as i gay man, how i relate to it adding to the natural gay man loneliness...

    as i meant above, it's not a vent. i know there's a part on the forum specially designed for venting but i'd love to hear from you.

    all the best.

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    I could imagine your thinking, especially if you don’t have a friend or special person with whom you can talk about your feelings. I guess this is why our online community is beneficial. Yes, this is a place where one may find advice, support and encouragement while on this journey of restoration. However, even though I’ve shared my restoration with my wife, this is MY journey and I’m doing it for my own personal reasons. I have just incorporated my device application and wearing as part of my daily routine. Personally, I wish I felt as motivated to go to the gym or at least to do a workout as much as I’m motivated to restore my foreskin. Yes, it can be frustrating with feelings of fatigue, but I try not to focus on it too much. When I find any project whether it be a passion project or simply a chore like project, it redirects my focus and energies so I don’t think too much about my journey. This helps me to avoid feeling lonely. Hang in there and KOT!


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      It's being secretive or closeted about things that I think contribute most to the loneliness.

      Soon we'll all be out together at rallies and demonstrations again.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        You tell it Ron🤙🏼


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          Yeah, it can be's like you're working on a big project that you can't (or don't want to) tell people about. That's kinda the beauty of the forum. It ain't much, but it's a place where that feeling of "otherness" and—to use your word—loneliness doesn't really apply. I come here because my restoration is important to me, and this is the only place where I feel completely "at home" talking about it. Everyone here has some idea of what everyone else is dealing with, so I'm really grateful to Ron for setting it up.

          I'm gay as well, and my BF thinks what I do is weird. He's cut, and seems to think I'm tacitly implying that I want him to restore too (I wouldn't suggest it to him, but would actually be happy if he made the choice on his own). Even in a relationship with another penis-owner, we aren't necessarily shielded from the view that what we do is strange. No one likes being/feeling strange; some people eventually embrace it and use it to empower them, others keep to themselves and do their own thing.

          I believe unnecessary infant circumcision will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird (extinct), I just think it's something that is going to happen gradually, and naturally. We're already seeing the numbers going down in the US, because people are easily able to research the subject and see that there's usually no medical reason for it (a luxury that wasn't available when the practice became commonplace)...all it takes is that number to go low enough to where parents won't want to circ their son, because uncut will be normal again. Too many of them do it just to make the son "look like the father", or because they don't want their kid to feel different. The former is an idiotic reason, the latter is well-meaning but misguided. In time, people will see the stupidity in what we've done That's what people do...we fuck up, and then learn from it—usually, after the damage has been done.


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            i'd like to say i appreciate every reply on here. you're so encouraging and this is one of the main reasons i'm here.