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OFFICIAL Dutch Medical Association rebuttal to expired AAPP policy on infant male circumcision

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  • OFFICIAL Dutch Medical Association rebuttal to expired AAPP policy on infant male circumcision

    The AAP published a policy on FEMALE genital cutting in 2010 that was "retracted" within a month because the global medical community was shocked that US doctors wanted to cut girls' genitals.

    In 2012 they published their most pro-cutting male circumcision policy ever (which still said the evidence was not sufficient to endorse universal circumcision). That policy mainly said insurance must keep paying for cutting so AAP doctors can keep billing. It claimed WITHOUT CITING EVIDENCE that cutting later than infancy was more complicated and dangerous. We know that's false because the popular Plastibell method for infants is available as PrepEx for adults, and it's strictly simpler to carry out on an adult because the foreskin has likely retracted and the adult can manage his own wound care and pain management, healing NOT in a shit-filled diaper.

    In March of 2013, the Royal Dutch Medical Association had received letters from doctors all over the globe highlighting the cultural biases in the AAP 2012 policy, and they published this official summary of why the Dutch 2010 Policy ( is ethical and consistent with the scientific evidence, and why the AAP policy hopelessly biased by American traditions and ignorance.

    See: (updated May 2018).

    The AAP's policy lapsed in 2017 so they have officially had NO POLICY on infant male circumcision for 4 years. That's fine. They only need a policy on proper care of normal male genitals (but they don't really have that either). They do host a bulletin called The Circumcision Decision by one of the task force members for the 2012 policy statement - Andrew Friedman who can be seen fumferring, hemming, and hawing in the American Circumcision documentary, now on Prime - which as of 2020 includes "although it remains the most common operation performed on males in the United States, a period of significant reevaluation is underway, in part because of the development of increasingly vocal opposition to the practice. " Note that Friedman, like ALL members of the 2012 task force, is from a circumcising family. The sole female member - Susan Blank - cut her own son on her kitchen table.

    Let us continue to swell the ranks of the vocal oppostion. Speak up!
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago