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Banned from FB Marilyn Manson Cult for being anti-MGM!

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  • Banned from FB Marilyn Manson Cult for being anti-MGM!

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    I am new here but I am so PISSED off right now. I just got banned from the MARILYN MANSON CULT on Facebook for being anti-MGM. I am so sick of FB's BS fascism, and censoring intactivist groups so I'm posting this here.

    Most of the MARILYN MANSON CULT on FB, as far as their admins go, seem to be pro-MGM. Take this "Nina" admin, for example. Even the leader of the group I believe said he had his son mutilated. Can anyone help me educate them?

    I actually love Marilyn Manson, but I care more about protecting little boys. So I really don't give af if that group gets deleted by FB, or whatever.

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    They don't exactly seem to be such beautiful people.

    All I can say, really, is that there are places where it's best not to bring up the subject. If someone else does, just politely disagree and provide a brief explanation of why you do. On any forum, if you ruffle the wrong feathers, you might end up getting banned.

    To answer your question, no, I don't think I or anyone here can help educate them. It sounds like they're not exactly the open-minded type, and probably didn't join a Marilyn Manson fan club for its diversity of opinion.


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