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I saw this sign down my street!

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  • I saw this sign down my street!

    I'm an Uber driver, driving today, and saw this protest-like sign out of the corner of my eye while I was stopped at a traffic light. It was in someone's opened garage, positioned as if people were meant to be able to read it as they drove past. When I deciphered what it was saying (I very quickly discovered that the words were written vertically), I was PLEASANTLY surprised--and actually quite shocked--to realize its message.

    Click image for larger version

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    That's the full image. Try clicking/tapping on it to enlarge it! But in case it's difficult to make out, I cropped the image down to only the sign:

    Click image for larger version

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    It says, "STOP CUTTING BABY PENIS. ASK ME WHY," with a couple URLs written in the middle: and

    I'm not sure what the text at the bottom of the sign says, but it looks like another URL that has ".COM' at the end?

    For almost 20 years, now, I've wished that I hadn't been circumcised, and have since then wanted to restore my foreskin. But this year, May 2021, is when I officially began my restoration journey. Having said that, THIS SIGN is the FIRST one of its kind that I've ever seen in public in my entire life! It made me SO proud. I REALLY wanted to go up to their door, knock on it and tell them how appreciative I am for whomever is advocating for this. .....alas, I am a shy introvert lmao. But I guess I could write a letter and place it on their door, right? Maybe I'll do that! I wouldn't give them my social media in order to protect myself, but I guess I could leave my Email address.

    Don't you guys think this is so awesome??? I wonder if I'll see it again the next time I drive by. But it WAS inside their open garage door, so I'm not sure if they always simply leave it open constantly (I wouldn't, lmao).
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    Yes, awesome!


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      Yes, VERY awesome! You really should let them know how you, and all of us, appreciate it.


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        I wrote the person a letter and left it on her door. I received an Email later the following day from her and she said it made her day! I hope it's okay that I gave her the link to this website; she browsed it and even found this very post with the photo I uploaded haha. Last week Sunday, I even saw her protesting at the park by my house with a small group of people who traveled out of town to be here. Sadly, I haven't yet been able to meet the group since I need to try to Uber and make up as much money as I can for the holidays instead of partaking in events such as these. But I will one day! She has friends who are a part of a Foreskin Restoration server on Discord. I'm not sure if anyone on here is a part of it, though.