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Why are American babies circumcised?

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    Originally posted by RTM View Post
    probably that $500-$800 a cutting that takes less than 10 minutes.
    yeah see thats just disgusting


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      Its a money making machine. Cosmetics and so forth.

      Oprah uses foreskin cells in her beauty lines.

      Then there is the penis facial. (no, its not porn. And no the cousins are not discarded, they are sold. Irritating clever word play to diminish the impact)

      Finally but not last or least, you have Dr. Kellog. (Yes the guy who made the cereal.) He had a major influence on the medical community and convinced them circumcision will prevent masturbation. Saying in essence, with the foreskin removed the glans skin will thicken and dry and the nerves will be removed and those remaining will become numb. They followed his recommendations, as extra procedures also equal extra funding. (List number 7 in the article. Its brief but you can look further into it and read his letter to the medical world)


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        Originally posted by Zach View Post
        convinced them circumcision will prevent masturbation.
        He sure got that part wrong. He succeeded at wrecking my penis, but not stopping me from masturbating. I jerked off 2 or 3 times a day every day during my teenage years.

        Makes me feel good to have unknowingly ruined Dr. Kellogg's theory, lol.