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10 Reasons your a pro-circumcision fartbag

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  • 10 Reasons your a pro-circumcision fartbag
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    At least your photo above is honest, tells us where YOUR(sic) coming from. So, just to be clear about the effect:

    See how it works, to get the finger in your face as a lead-in, not to mention throughout the list?

    My suggestion as a forum member and an intactivist for many years: Just do a straightforward list of your 10 reasons.

    It's a good list. It would be a well presented list, which would be appealing not only to the antis, but most of the undecideds, as long as the freshman fratboys-for-freshman fratboys approach is dumped. Save that for ......well, freshman fratboys. They're not too bright, and they don't really give a shit about anything other than giving somebody the finger.

    Otherwise the anger and derision, the low-brow, failed pop-culture, juvenile approach, is giving the finger to the message. Which is why I replied. Fuck that; it's an important message for other people and their well-being, not just the guys who want to give a finger to something.