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South African: circumcision regret following mass circumcision campaign

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  • South African: circumcision regret following mass circumcision campaign

    "My brother how are you I respect your views on circumcision if only God would have revealed me to you early enough. Four years ago I got circumcised under this whole HIV program needless to say I always wanted to do it as most my friends and relatives had it done at birth, also the whole thing of foreskin makes you dirty and can give your partner cervical cancer. So I went and had it done my life has been dramatically changed. I've researched on restoration both nature and surgical, I Am really looking for options."
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    The circumsexuals and circumfetishists are having a field day in Africa. They prey on the ignorant, regardless of the consequences to the mutilated.


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      The "Health" and "Disease" control groups from U.S.A. needs to stay out of Africa. The Middle East also needs to stay out of Africa. The Middle East has the highest rate of circumcision, all religion based. The U.S.A. "Health" and "Disease" groups will do any thing to control (and in my opinion, reduce) the population of Africa. I refuse to believe that Africa has some natural likelihood that they will get disease much more than the rest of the world. Fortunately "evil" and "communist" China is involved in Africa much more than U.S.A. ever has been, and China does not have an agenda to circumcise. However, China does make circumcision devices. China never turns away from business opportunity. Let me end my rant by saying that Africa needs more hospitals, instead of circumcision clinics. It seems they have very few hospitals and instead they have circumcision clinics as if circumcision reduces EVERY disease ever created. Yes, I said created as in manufactured.

      Despite my rant, this is actually good news, and I am delighted. A few people in South Africa not only realize that the circumcision is not necessary, but also they are restoring! As I said much earlier, TLC Tugger would have an enormous business opportunity for the very large population of Africa in the years or perhaps decades to come. (Internet is usually around $1,000.00 USD in Africa which means researching and discovering the truth is unlikely.) But if a large amount of the large population ever discovers the truth, Tugging and also Condom factories have business opportunities in Africa. Also to continue with the good news, some Africans know the truth and will keep telling the truth. Unfortunately, there have been Intactivists in Africa. South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. But these Intactivists have a lot of work cut out (pun not intended) for them as the population's cultures are extremely brainwashed and some will ritual circumcise ANYBODY around them.

      So do we. The Spell Check Dictionary does not recognize the word Intactivist nor Intactivism. But that is what I and We are.