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Brian Morris (Clown who says babies feel no pain - while they hold it down)

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  • Brian Morris (Clown who says babies feel no pain - while they hold it down)

    Yes Australians, No. 1 Moron Crusader for circumcision is at again Brain Morris- paid by the industry I do believe along with Dr. Grahame Smith spokesperson for the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand - more people that make money selling the snake oil of circumcision.... after all if they get to perform it or then have to fix the many complications and botch jobs caused by circ, no wonder the Corrupt USOAANZ are for infant circumcision.

    Oh it's so bad to have smegma ... bacterial multipling after washing, er yes it's good bacterial and acts as a lubricant and some adore it's scent.
    Better than having a dry up penis an having to rely on artificial lubricants and then what about female smegma ?

    Morris and Smith are Zealots on the money making Circ train $$. Pity all those males butchered beyond belief due to these two pedo sadistic bastards.

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    Hmmmn at this point

    Parody of the hysterical and extreme views being promoted by the pro-circumcision movement and how fundamental human rights will triumph over those still det...


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      Originally posted by RighteousMartyr
      Well done RighteousMartyr for finding this parody.... yes fits fake so called Prof. Brian Morris perfectly.

      However in reality we never will know if Hitler was cut or not as Hitler may have been .... as his mothers physician / doctor was Jewish.
      Interestingly there was a Foreskin restoration epidemic among the German / Jewish population in attempts not to be sent to the camps.

      So here we are restoring from Gomoco clamps etc. & only a short hop back in time WWII they were having a quicker time restoring (in many cases) as less may be cut off with a traditional one.

      The Irony, lesson - Religion and idiots who profit from others stupidity are the true evil in society.


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        I strongly disagree with saying that about Religgion ...

        The latter I agree with, however.