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Typical circumcision procedure

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  • LookingGlass
    "Naturally, this frequently provokes an erection". I can see the logic behind it causing an erection, but I'm not sure where you're getting "frequently".
    On a side note, I think I was cut with a Gomco (because of the brown ring), which you called a thumbscrew for the foreskin, and I once wrote a story about a guy who was tortured with a pair of thumbscrews as a child. I'm not sure if that's just a coincidence.

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  • Mr zillow
    One of the arguments that I have heard from people that support circumcision, is that it helps prevent cervical cancer. Then maybe the female needs to get something cut out. Don't cut my penis to save you from getting cancer.

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  • parsecskin
    Cleaner, my ass! That same logic can be used on your mouth. Your mouth would be cleaner if all your teeth were pulled! This actually has some validity, unlike circumcision. In fact the human mouth gets WAY grosser if you don't brush your teeth for 1 day than an intact dick EVER would. It's also more difficult and technical to properly brush your teeth than it is to retract and rinse under your foreskin. So simple.

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  • TheRifleman
    There are millions of sick parents who would still want to, and have this done to their sons, after reading the above.

    Marilyn Milos, in telling about her employment at a hospital said that most, or almost all of the parents she had watch a video of a baby boy being cut, decided not to all the hospital to cut them.

    However there was at least one man who, after watching the video, still wanted his son cut.

    And, after that, Marilyn was fired from her job at the hospital.

    I showed my father, who was definitely posessed by a demon of sexual mutilation, a video of a baby boy being cut, and of course he was horrified, and said to me, "turn it off!" but then he said,
    "it makes him clean."

    As he progressed in his senility, he started saying, mixed male and female company, "I got c---------d. It is cleaner."

    When he and my mother had me and my brother subjected to the stupid rite of passage of tonsilectomy, they did not say one word to either of us, that part of our penises were also going to be cut off.

    I've told it before, but we have new members here.

    Mother told me years later, that when they took us to the surgeon to schedule the tonsilectomy (and, the sceond atrocity), that the surgeon told them he did not take out tonsils at the request of parents, and did so only on the reccommendation of a doctor.

    Well, I'm sure our family doctor wanted to stay on good terms with my father, so he reccommended the stupid, un-necessary mutilation of our throats to the surgeon.

    However, the surgeon DID cut off boys' foreskins at the request of parents.

    Before the atrocities in the hospital, he did not examine the penises of me and my brother, and did not say one word to either of us that he was also going to cut off part of our penises.

    It makes me so angry to live in a society where parents are forbidden by law to have doctors, or any other person cut off part of their daughters' sex organs, but parents are allowed to have a doctor, or other person, do such a thing to their son.

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  • Mr zillow
    started a topic Typical circumcision procedure

    Typical circumcision procedure

    Feel free to copy and paste this to educate people.This does not cover the risks or benefits. This is just the procedure itself. If anyone can still do this to their child after reading this they are sick. Here's a description of the procedure. let's examine how a typical medical circumcision is performed. First the child, after 9 months in the fetal position, is tied down spreadeagled and straight-backed in a circumstraint, a plastic board molded to the outline of an infant's body, which is equipped with velcro straps. Next he is covered with a sheet which has a hole through which his penis is threaded. Then his penis is thoroughly swabbed with sterilizing solution. Naturally, this frequently provokes an erection. Some physicians deliberately provoke erections in order to judge the "cutoff line" and to aid in the surgery itself. In any case, in the infant's brand new, wide-open, pre-verbal consciousness, this is his first sexual experience: a torturous nightmare.
    Because the foreskin of an infant is attached to the head of the penis by the same tissue that bonds a fingernail to a finger, it must be skinned away before it can be cut off. So the doctor forces a metal probe between the foreskin and the head and tears apart this flesh (called synechia) which bonds them together. Next, the doctor has several options for the actual amputation. One commonly used device for this step is called a gomco clamp. This essentially functions as a thumbscrew for the foreskin. I am not making this up. Surgical scissors are used to cut a slit along the length of the foreskin in order to insert the metal "bell" which serves as one jaw of the clamp. The foreskin is pulled over the bell and the other jaw of the clamp is attached. Then, by tightening a screw, the foreskin, one of the most densely innervated tissues of the body, is audibly crushed along two lines (inner and outer foreskin) around its circumference. (Since all the nerves of the foreskin pass through this crush line, the pain perception may be similar to that of putting virtually the entire erogenous surface of the penis in a vise.) The clamp is left on for a few minutes to promote blood clotting, then the foreskin is cut off at the crush line. Afterwards, the raw, bleeding, formerly internal organ is wrapped in bandages and a diaper, and then repeatedly burned with urine and its breakdown product, ammonia, and exposed to infectious fecal matter while healing.