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    Intact2022 started today. Online participation was nearly as expensive as the rate for in-person, the difference being the meals I suppose. Plus in-person requires time to travel, travel expense, and lodging. My boss/wife decided I would participate online.

    It was great today. Here's the program of speakers including their topics and bios.

    Here are my contemporaneous notes:
    = = =
    Session 1:
    Andrew Little is suing Windsor Regional Hospital for doing unnecessary amputative surgery on his healthy infant body.
    Andrew's slides weren't very legible online due to low contrast, so I don't have a lot of detailed notes from them .
    He's a brilliant and very inspiring non-law student who is representing himself legally very well.
    (See Andrew Little's presentation slides attached to this posting)

    The hospital and Ob/Gyn each turned around and counter-sued Andrew's PARENTS for signing the consent form. They deserve our very public derision and many days of visible traffic-snarling protests.

    Andrew Little's talk, now online:
    Andrew Little, Intact America, circumcision, Atlanta, Georgia, David Llewellyn, Torts, children


    Session 2:
    Eli Ungar-Sargon introducing
    14 board members
    7 Rabbinic advisors
    He says the US has 7.5 mil Jews
    32% (and growing) are "Jews of No Religion" - The Nones
    Bruchim is surveying Jews about role of circumcision - 150 filed so far
    Of Israel's 3 million secular Jews:
    - 7% are opposed to RIC (210,000)
    - 12% say it's not important
    - (so 500,000 Israeli Jews are not interested in preserving circumcision)
    The "Dr. Mark Reiss" directory of intact-friendly organizations, brit shalom celebrants, camps, congregations, etc. is growing every day due to the hard work of volunteers who cold call daily.

    Session 3:
    John Geisheker, D.O.C.
    Discussed 1500 Caregiver Foreskin Retraction (CFR) Cases, got just 2 apologies
    Dr. Sayre "invented" congenital phimosis in an early fraudulent medical paper.
    2 Indiana women held guns during well-baby visits in case doctors tried to retract their sons.
    Many state Medicaid programs declined FOIA requests regarding Medicaid re-imbursements, some want in-state petitioners, we can help.
    Llewellyn mentioned: A 1952 Nursing Manual says retract newborns
    Bleeding to death can happen with no evidence in diaper, since just 2 oz of blood loss is deadly.
    In-Office cutting and sending baby home in an hour is unethical due to risk of unstable patient.
    There is a channel for public comment on ICD-11.

    Session 4:
    Steven Svoboda (no slides)
    How male do you need to be to lose your right to an intact body?

    Session 5:
    Scientist Jeffrey Cartwright-Smith
    Showed video clip: "You dirty uncircumcised freak" -Chelsea Handler

    Session 6:
    Kelly Floyd, Scarring Innocence
    For what other body parts do I need to list the functions of it before it is assumed to be within the sole purview of the body owner?
    Those who oppose trans care (even when at the patient's request) are hypocrites unless they fight against non-therapeutic genital reduction with only proxy consent.
    Thesis - MGM is not controversial or a gray area. It's WRONG!
    Questioner: How to engage the younger generation? The younger generation IS already more empathetic and receptive to fairness arguments.

    Session 7:
    Leif Thompson, MD - Genital Cutting: Enhancement or Mutilation?
    Taught OLLE (Osier Life-Long Learning) class on fgm/mgm and mutilation vs enhancement
    The ISSM has a definition of sexual health rights. Concurs with W.A.S.H. (Dr. Eleanor Rudolph of S.A.) but doesn't go as far.

    Session 8:
    Lena Nyhus on US interference in the Danish MGM age restriction law.
    Intact Denmark has developed a rules standard for what is a "proper" circumcision. It is now used there.
    Obama's ambassador to Denmark threatened sanctions if Denmark regulated MGM.
    There are only about 5 Jewish ritual circumcisions/year in Denmark. The rest ( I think she said 1000-3000) are Islamic.
    Risk of terrorism was a widely discussed topic while the initiative was live: "How many kids need to die in school busses so your initiative can go forward?" and Lena once had to filibuster, saying only "The initiative will reduce harm to Danish children by postponing risky harmful unnecessary surgery until the patient can responsibly weigh in" for a couple hours. Intact Denmark has over 1000 media appearances per year.
    Netanyahu tweeted that the Danish PM promised never to legislate regarding circumcision.
    FOIA type inquiries show dozens of US interference efforts directed to the Danish legislature.
    The Vice-Chair of Intact Denmark is Jewish and an MGM victim, so he shuts down arguments that the initiative is Antisemitic.
    The "proper" circumcising rules have been rolled out.
    Denmark has laws against spanking and even verbal abuse. 90% of the citizenry agrees: How can they allow non-therapeutic genital surgery?

    Session 9:
    Norm Cohen (father is a rabbi, Norm is not Jewish) on Jewish Continuity (only a couple slides)
    Totemism: Animals, plants, or objects inherited and venerated and claimed to be magical, imbued with the tribe's history and purpose.
    "Brit Milah is the way the past is unforgettably written on the body of a new member of the people." (If it's a male)

    Session 10:
    Steve Scott - The War against the genitals, notes from the front line
    1984 - the AAP pamphlet lists the functions of the foreskin:
    e.g. Protection from infectious agents and irritants
    Subsequent pamphlets omitted any talk of functions
    Dr. Susan Blank ended the AAP Q&A session when Steve asked why there was no "function" stuff anymore.
    Wissell's UTI numbers disagree with rest of the world, yet he has been cited all over.
    Steve asked Wiswell if parents had a right to better info than in present consent forms.
    The high volume of infused numbing fluid from a proper infant ring block distorts the surgical target and can lead to a poor cut.
    Phil Donahue Show: "Survey shows 90% of Catholic school boys masturbated, 10% were liars."
    “The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it.” -Mark Twain
    Steve knows 2 doctors who read Fleiss's book and stopped cutting.
    "There's nothing more important in life than to be important in the life of a child." -Fred Rogers
    Wallerstein's book "Circumcision: An American Health Fallacy" was cited as the source of his drawing in AAP's 1984 policy, then the drawing used but the book title NOT cited in 1989.

    Session 11:
    Travis Wisdom - Best Interests Principles - rights-based approach for Intersex Persons in Australian Law
    The USA is the last country that hasn't ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) and the only reason could be that it would require an end to forced non-therapeutic genital cutting.
    When legislating regarding historically disadvantaged groups: "Nothing about them without them"

    Session 12: Trish Causey is absent

    Session 12A: David Llewellyn - Anatomy and Botches
    Campbell Walsh Anatomy falsely shows dartos not connected to foreskin
    Grant's Atlas - likewise has Cayaba article re: 10.5 years is average age to be retractable. Attendees concurred about their own sons.
    Attached Files
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Here are my notes from Intact2022 Day 2
      Georganne Chapin mentioned that she and Marilyn Milos both have books coming out. Having a book makes one far more interesting to those who book interviews. She showed the cover art. Marilyn's is called something like Just don't cut the baby, and Georganne's is This Penis Business.

      Session 13:

      There were two simultaneous sessions, I missed
      Herman Bruyndonckx,
      Cut in an Intact World

      I saw
      Peter Adler -
      "Indefensible to Circumcise Healthy Children"
      aka Circumcision is Medical Fraud

      In ancient Greece Poteus wouldn't let circumcised folks compete in the Olympics.

      EVEN IF we assume the 2005-2010 African Circumcision/HIV studies to be true and valid (but they're not):
      - MGC and FGC must be considered from the same ethical framework
      - Courts have held the right to security in one's person is the ultimate right
      - Even a pin-prick violates this right
      - The burden of proof is on the toucher that the contact was legal
      - Non-medical grounds have no basis in justifying a violation of rights
      - Prince v Massachusetts 1944 - parent may not expose their child to harm
      - Doctors are required to ignore parents' wishes and treat in accordance with the patient's needs
      - Van Howe - "the rule is do not operate on healthy children"
      - It's unethical to harm the many to help the few
      - Assault - any touching no matter how slight, and sometimes not even touching
      - MGC is sexual assault, not yet prosecuted
      - Physicians have a duty to act in each child's best interest
      - Fraud: Intentional deceit that deprives a person of something of value or a legal right
      - Fraud statute of limitations clock begins upon discovery (usually much later than for malpractice)
      - Summary judgement - when no facts are in dispute, as in several European cases
      - With fraud, no case about the quality of a doctor's handiwork is even relevant
      - The AAP issued intentionally fraudulent guidelines in 2012, e.g. "retractability by 2 to 4 month" (the truth is that 10.4 years is the global average age at which an intact boy first sees his glans).
      - "Laws change more slowly than custom" so once we change public opinion judges can be more bold are at least less illogical.
      - GALDEF - new Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund

      Session 14:

      There were two simultaneous sessions, I missed
      Ulf Dunkel,
      10 Years of Debate in Germany
      (It will supposedly be offered online)

      I saw
      Tim Hammond -
      GALDEF - Genital Autonomy Legal Defense and Education Fund

      - Lambda Legal (has a new podcast - Making the Case). They are a model for what GALDEF will do.
      - Bringing action is hard, because lawyers can be punished for what might be perceived as frivolous lawsuits
      - GALDEF motto: "Affirming Rights, Protecting Choice, Redressing Harm"
      - Serving:
      -- parents given insufficient consent
      -- victims upon 18th birthday
      -- victims, with costs to undo damage e.g. Foregen
      -- e.g. transwomen who lack tissue for quality bottom surgery
      -- taxpayers challenging mis-use of Medicaid funds
      -- Employees harassed for speaking out
      -- Whistleblowers of hospital abuses and fraud
      - GALDEF is allied with other cutting victims (FGM, IGM), so is seeking a more diverse board of directors
      - History: Tim produced "Whose Body, Whose Rights?" in 1996, shown on many PBS stations. KQED sent Tim the letters from people who watched.
      - The "Different bodies, same rights" message is spreading
      - BUT, our movement is being mis-characterized for others' agendas.
      - Cutters are not "pedophiles" and it doesn't serve us to make crazy allegations.
      - Law Prof. Lawrence Tribe - "Courts won't compare FGM to MGM based on present law, but it's unsustainable. I'd eagerly take up the cudgels if the time was right. The expansion of rights is not solely the domain of the federal judiciary. Test it in the states."
      - Kevin Jennings of Lambda Legal: they raised $100k in one private fundraiser
      - GALDEF's present needs:
      Medical expertise
      Web site and design
      Social Media experts
      - Author Hanny Lightfoot-Klein: "If this were easy, someone would have done it by now."
      - D.O.C. has donated seed money

      Session 15

      There were two simultaneous sessions, I missed
      Harry Guiremand,
      Bloodstained Men Taking It to the Streets
      (It will supposedly be offered online)

      I saw,

      Greg Markman
      Masturbation and Circumcision
      - Historically childhood sexual expression was largely ignored centuries ago
      - Sylvester Graham (of Graham crackers) - The evil is increasing
      - Luke Eilers - present-day anti-masturbation spokesperson is several years "clean"
      - Is it an addiction? When it causes one to shirk on responsibilities and forego dreams.
      - Old author: Sexual fantasies are more dangerous than even the dirtiest sex partners? And: Masturbation is a luxury with no compensatory advantages.
      - We now know that manipulation helps release synechial bonds for spontaneous retractability, so anti-masturbation hysteria contributed to circumcision by increasing observations of phimosis.
      - Old author: Masturbators' secret vice become visible?
      - Dr. Cockshut: civilization requires chastity
      - Circumcisers denied that foreskin is erogenous
      - Sewing machine was the first vibrator
      - Falling asleep with TLC Tugger feels like an old-timey anti-masturbation spiked ring?
      - Males: Historically seen as disposable, filthy
      - Old Author: human connection is so important, solo time is unhealthy
      - LDS Magic Underwear - multi layers give you time to re-think wanking or sex
      - American Sex Machine by Holg Levin - book of anti-masturbation patents filed.
      - Greg takes ice baths and cold showers to avoid masturbation

      Session 16:

      There were two simultaneous sessions, I missed
      Carl Augustsson,
      Conservative Case for Intactivism
      (It will supposedly be available online)

      I saw,

      Matthew Goodwin
      Review of Circumcision Consent Forms

      (Matthew is a brilliantly clear presenter)
      My notes are somewhat redacted because his work is CONFIDENTIAL due to pending publication and due to legal exposure from possibly retaliating hospitals

      Matthew got hold of the parental consent form used by many hospitals and characterized what they have in common and how they differ.

      - Utter lack of consistent complete info for parents
      - The forms can protect or expose the hospital to litigation
      - Proper consent would:
      -- describe a condition (disease, defect, injury)
      -- describe the proposed procedure
      -- list the risks (one form listed 11 risks, many listed none)
      -- list the benefits of the intervention
      -- explain alternatives including non-intervention

      - To the get specimen consent forms
      -- sometimes requested as a legit expecting parent
      -- tried via email to preserve communications record
      -- through patient relations dept. "my right"
      -- some internal moles helped

      - List of 30 hospitals was shared
      - GENERIC non-specific surgical form in many cases, citing that the patient heard full verbal explanations (which doesn't really heappen)
      - Circumcision-specific form in some cases
      - He showed a specific hospital's example
      - Their web page lists risks NOT on the consent form
      - Permission for commercial use of "medical waste" mentioned, but hospital's likely financial interest not cited

      - FAKE phimosis diagnosis cited on many of the forms
      - One form PRE FILLS every copy of the form with "phimosis" as the diagnosis
      - Some forms PRE FILL every copy of the form with "neonatal male" as the diagnosis
      - Some have fine print lets STUDENTS do the procedure
      - RISK OF DEATH is not directly stated on any form
      - Older-child consent not in the scope of the project
      - Is it "PROXY" consent or "surrogate" consent.

      - This area is ripe for litigation!
      - This could become a "financial disaster" for hospitals
      - Some general course-of-treatment forms say no right exists to challenge what their doctor advise, seems not enforceable

      Session 17:
      Anthony Losquadro
      "Don't be a bystander"
      Lobbying and advocacy to influence public policy

      (Anthony is a brilliantly clear presenter)

      - deploys its Mobile Education Unit billboard truck in NYC parks and elsewhere
      - They did Dr. Blank Protests re: 2012 AAP policy
      - Booths at Health fairs, Rock Concerts
      - Anthony's done 50 Media Interviews
      - People he meets have various reactions "What's this about?" "I support you!" "You're hateful" "Thanks for being here."

      But what to do then?
      - How many public interactions lead to someone contacting a legislator?
      - Even Howard Stern, Joe Rogan, etc who are on our team aren't DOING anything
      - We need to reach the policy MAKERS
      - Voters don't "write" policy, lawmakers do.
      - LOBBYING is a shaping force, it's EXPENSIVE
      - Lobbyists give us ACCESS

      - Our rivals USE LOBBYISTS to promote their interests

      - Lobbying is a subset of advocacy
      - Intaction (a tax-deductible 501c3) has a separate 501c4 (not tax-deductable) sub-entity called Health Equality Campaign (HEC) for lobbying

      - HEC has made a beautiful 15-page color position booklet as a "Legislative Guide" they leave behind after meeting legislators
      - advocates for creation of state Victim's Compensation Fund (getting a surprisingly good reception for this idea)
      - Health Care Transparency Act sample bill language
      - A Queens Hospital is describing circ as cosmetic now per HEC recommendations.
      - Intaction had a "Lobby Day" success with the help of their hired lobbyist, but it required heavy planning
      - "Hospitals are corporations designed to make profits" -Legislator
      - Make the Ask, get the Commitment, plan the Follow-up
      - Andrew Hevesi met with HEC
      - Cordell Cleare met with HEC - "I'm for you"
      - Yudelk Tapia met with HEC "proud mom of 4 intact sons"
      - Jabari Brisport (cut without consent) met with HEC. Will you be our champion? "Definitely!" he said.
      - It goes both ways. Plan to support legislators when they need us, march with them on primary day, drive them around to knock on doors, etc.
      - The FIVE Ps of Lobby Day:
      Polite Persistent People Persuade Politicians

      - Let's give ourselves permission to be more effective, to think big, to do what our rivals do.
      - Let's Lobby!

      - Q&A with Anthony:
      Lobby Day meetings are 30 minutes per legislator
      Biggest challenges - cost,
      Republicans vs Democrats - differences not discerned, but NY state is mostly democrats. Only Ds pitched so far
      501c4 donations are not tax deductible
      It helps to have actual constituents present from their district, but they don't ask on Lobby Day
      Unanswered: What is known of our rival lobbying efforts?

      Lunch time

      Session 18
      Race & Ethnicity Panel Discussion

      Tora Spigner, RN
      Shelton Walden, WBAI broadcaster
      Prof. Alexandro Jose Gradilla

      Is circumcision structural violence?
      2-week segment as part of a longer course taught by the professor

      (It kind of rambled. It was hard to get anything structured written down.)

      Session 19:
      Town Hall 2 hours, no debating, 2-minutes of open-mic time per speaker
      TOPIC: Intactivism, Religion, and Culture

      Tina Kimmel - resents accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against Jews and our friends who aren't anti-semitic.

      Anonymous - True Hebrew origins don't include "cutting around" so don't blame god.

      Georganne - "Us vs them" mentality is our enemy.

      Dan - Atheist perspective. "It's in the bible" as a response to our message is frustrating (because not doing it is also in the bible and) because it's meant to stop discussion.

      Steven - Loves God

      Tim Hammond - Raised Catholic but says we need to build a coalition

      Leif - hostile victims are like wounded animals who need our best compassionate care

      Ron - Saying "The Jews" is never needed, because individuals, not religions, cut babies, and 20% of intactivists are from Jewish families.

      Ron - taking a guess about life's unknowables is cool, but religious people need the humility to acknowledge it's indeed a guess.

      Ron - Muslims are under-represented here

      Ron - Demonstrating at Pride is great because audiences are good-hearted and fair-minded, and Pride is about sexual self-determination

      Lena - Keep the dialog public, don't retreat to private conversations just because a third rail is touched

      Many others - couldn't keep track

      THANKS David Llewellyn for underwriting the conference.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        Just a quick comment on Dan's statement from session 19:

        Foreskin restoration is also "in the bible" - and that's one way to turn a supposed conversation stopper into a conversation starter.


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          Originally posted by z726 View Post
          Just a quick comment on Dan's statement from session 19:

          Foreskin restoration is also "in the bible" - and that's one way to turn a supposed conversation stopper into a conversation starter.
          That's good. Even if the details of it don't favor us, it could keep two people in a conversation.

          I Macc.1:15 indeed mentions men making themselves prepuces,
          1) but it's then directly indicated as something that pissed god off.
          2) And it's not "the bible" to everyone.
          -Ron Low
          [email protected]
          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            Originally posted by admin View Post

            That's good. Even if the details of it don't favor us, it could keep two people in a conversation.

            I Macc.1:15 indeed mentions men making themselves prepuces,
            1) but it's then directly indicated as something that pissed god off.
            2) And it's not "the bible" to everyone.
            Apocryphal texts aside, there's also at least one reference to it in the New Testament - from the 1st Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 7 verses 18-9:

            Was a man already circumcised when he was called? He should not become uncircumcised. Was a man uncircumcised when he was called? He should not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God's commands is what counts
            Other translations use different words (the above being the New International Version), such as "remove the marks of circumcision," or "try to reverse it," or "undo his circumcision." Not all of them make it clear that the reference is to foreskin restoration, but the original Greek text uses the word "epispasthō," which specifically refers to the practice of drawing the skin over the glans or circumcision scar.
            Was a man already circumcised when he was called? He should not become uncircumcised. Was a man still uncircumcised when called? He should not be circumcised.

            Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God's commandments is what counts.


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              Genital Integrity 2024? Was there any discussion about where 2024 will be held? Typically they seemed to alternate between North America and Europe. Were any locations for 2024 discussed?


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                Originally posted by universitylad View Post
                Genital Integrity 2024? Was there any discussion about where 2024 will be held? Typically they seemed to alternate between North America and Europe. Were any locations for 2024 discussed?
                David Llewellyn seemed open to doing it in exactly the same place but it seemed nothing was decided including whether there would be another one.
                -Ron Low
                [email protected]
                847 414-1692 Chicago


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                  Here are all of the conference's videos.