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Update On A Case Reported On the Old Board

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  • Update On A Case Reported On the Old Board

    A number of years back, I remember posting on Ron's now defunct board, about a lawsuit by parents against the state of South Carolina, because their adopted child, had both male and female genitals and whatever agency in the state took care of the child before they adopted it, had its male external genitals cut off, and as it grew up, it felt itself to be a boy, and his male genitals are gone.
    There has been an update on this case, which I read about on Intact America's september monthly news report, and the lawsuuit was settled for a hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    I thought I might have posted about this case also here, on Tally's board, along with Ron's board, but cannot find an OP by myself on the topic, so if it was discussed here it was on another OPs thread.
    It is certainly very sad that he believes he is a boy, and his male genitals have been cut off and he can't get them back.
    The article on Intact America's webpage said he also had internal male and female genitals, but I did not notice if any internal surgery was done or not.