From intactivist Tim Hammond (producer of Whose Body Whose Rights):
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I'm passing along links to two presentations from this year's Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy (May 7th) that might interest you, as they deal in part or in whole with how genital cutting customs, including male circumcision, impact some Trans women. The accounts in the first video by Lilith, a refugee from Pakistan, are especially moving. The second video deals primarily with genital autonomy from an intersex perspective and also discusses Trans women.

How Circumcision affects Trans Women

Intersex interventions (including genital cutting): The common ground shared with male circumcision

I continue to gain greater insight into how these issues are related to male and female genital cutting and strongly recommend that you watch them.

I also encourage you to promote these videos on your websites, Facebook pages, and other digital venues in order to encourage greater understanding and awareness of how genital autonomy is the common ground shared by all of these seemingly disparate issues, and from which we can hopefully build bridges and mutually beneficial alliances.