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HeatStreet: No Longer Cutting It: Backlash Against Circumcision Is Growing

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  • HeatStreet: No Longer Cutting It: Backlash Against Circumcision Is Growing

    News story about anti-circumcision activism featuring Intaction and our very own Ron Low of TLC Tugger.
    The anti-circumcision movement claims "circumcision was introduced in America as a way to 'cure' masturbation in boys."
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    About time! I cannot wait until circumcision of minors is banned except for legitimate medical conditions as a last resort only. This is all thanks to the mass awakening of the masses (thanks to the internet) to how we have been controlled by the globalist elite for eons. NO MORE! I can't wait to see the perpetrators jailed and or executed.


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      At least there aren't guys with painted red crotches trying to shock the locals (locals who, even if they can't verbalize it, can sense that red paint is a shallow trick, thereby undercutting the real message). So, not a bad move. We need more of this at this level of discussion. It isn't the real arena, but it might supplement things in its own way.


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        There's nothing wrong with Brother K and the Bloodstained Men. They are a little over the top as far as shock value goes, but it DOES get people's attention. They have educated so many parents and saved thousands and thousands of boys from this heinous practice. Their message spreads exponentially because people talk to their friends and educate them. I would like to see Brother K get on the national TV talk show circuit. He could start with shows like "The View" (which is a joke but would be a shoe in the door) and eventually end up on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Fox and Friends. THAT would REALLY get the conversation going in a big way.