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Dear Doc | I got my son circumcised will he enjoy sex?

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  • Dear Doc | I got my son circumcised will he enjoy sex?

    It says too many good things about circumcision, but this is one of the very rare mentions I have ever seen in a mainstream news publication (this appears to be a mainstream Jamaican publication) about foreskin restoration that treats it as even moderately legitimate.

    I got my son circumcised will he enjoy sex?

    Q Dear Doc, I desperately seek your advice. My son is almost a teenager he does his school work, has a few friends, and for the most part seems to be well-adjusted. His father and I talk to him about girls a lot, so he knows what is expected of him and he is OK with that.

    The problem is this, when my son was an infant, I made the decision to have him circumcised, in keeping with biblical tradition. I now wish that I could undo that mistake because I am worried that (based on some online reading I have done) my son will grow up to not enjoy sex. This is one talk that his father and I have held off from discussing with him.

    There is not a day that I don't worry about my boy hating me, because it was my decision. His father thinks I worry needlessly and that he will be fine. What do you think?

    Can circumcision be corrected with plastic surgery, or is there a support group located in Jamaica?

    A Dear worried mother, I understand your concern as it is a legitimate one. Studies have shown that circumcision decreases penile sensitivity to a varying degree in different individuals. However, research also shows that there is a decreased risk of penile cancer and HIV infection in some men who are circumcised. The fact is that men who are circumcised still have the ability to enjoy sex and achieve orgasm provided there are no medical or psychological conditions which would prevent this, so do not worry. There are many circumcised men in Jamaica and all over the world who are quite satisfied with their sex lives. Some men and many women also like the look of a circumcised penis, this factor also contributes to stimulation of sexual desire.

    Since it is weighing on your mind having a frank discussion with your son and your husband may be helpful to you as a family. Avoiding the issue may only prolong your worry.

    Currently, there are no support groups in Jamaica for men and families of boys who are considering foreskin restoration but there are many online communities where you can participate in the discussion.

    Foreskin restoration surgery is a rather technical procedure and is not routinely done anywhere in the world. Most males resort to nonsurgical methods which use gadgets that apply light sustained tension to the skin on the shaft of the penis, which over time could stretch the skin enough to give some measure of cover to the head of the penis. There are, however, no studies which assess the effectiveness or outcome of the use of these gadgets.

    There are plastic surgeons in Jamaica who will be willing to discuss the issue in more detail with you. Contact: Plastic Surgery and Family Medical Centre, Unit 1-2 Seymour Ave. Tel: 946 3895-7.
    Visit my restoration progress journal.

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    Of course from my viewpoint, yet again the myths of "sustained tension", and worse, "stretch the skin", are passed off as fact.

    I truly think that recognition of what we do (or have done), ie stimulate natural physiological responses (skin expansion, the return of mucosal function), can add to the legitimacy of restoration as a treatment, if you will, for some of the losses suffered from circumcision. The losses are real. Restoration as a partial treatment, is real, and it's too easy for those familiar with skin expansion to criticize restoration as a fringe fetish when it's represented by myth rather than fact.


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      Wow a mother that can actually admit she's wrong in circumcising her son. If I brought it up to my parents they would probably just try to play it off or give me that "reduces risk of HIV" bs. I hope the boys mother talks to him and apologizes for circumcising him and offers to buy him a restoration device or look into surgery (if they can find a good surgeon that will make it look right)


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        Interesting view from a mother....I hope my mom does not feel too guilty of her decision she made before. Sure back then I was very furious even now, but most of that anger has subsided. I'm sure majority of mothers were not fully aware of the consequence.


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          In my own understanding, I don't think it will really affect sex . But, some studies said that the foreskin make a difference when it comes to your sex life.


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            Originally posted by pophard View Post
            In my own understanding, I don't think it will really affect sex . But, some studies said that the foreskin make a difference when it comes to your sex life.
            WRONG! Of course it will affect sex. Circumcision removes 16 functions and the loss of those 16 functions directly affects one's sex life. Still being able to father a child doesn't mean everything is just hunky dory. You need to be educated. Go to YouTube and watch "Elephant in the Hospital ". Youll be amazed.


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              The best arguement against circumcision is this: look at the majority of people protesting against it, they are almost all circumcised.

              Even if circumcision was entirely harmless from a physiological point of view, and the foreskin was just a decorative flap of skin - most people fighting against it will talk about the psychological damage it does. It is one thing when it was medically necessary (and not to prevent UTIs in babies - which are incredibly rare in boys due to the added distance between the urethra and the rectum when compared to girls, and for which risk can be substantially reduced by basic hygiene) - but what gives a parent the right to remove a part of their child's anatomy just because the child can't stop them or protests using words.

              Pakistani poet Taufiq Rafat wrote a poem called "Circumcision" - where he talks about how he was circumcised at 6 years old. Obviously written as an adult, it clearly was a very traumatic experience for him. The ending "they prepare us for the disappointments, at the absence of golden birds, life will ask us to look at between our circumcision and death" - really hectic poem. Here's the full poem:

              Having hauled down my pyjamas
              they dragged me, all legs and teeth,
              that fateful afternoon, to a stool
              before which the barber hunkered
              with an open cut-throat. He stropped it
              on his palm with obvious relish.
              I did not like his musthachios, nor
              his conciliatory smile. Somehow
              they made me sit, and two cousins
              held a leg apiece. The barber
              looked at me; I stared right back,
              defying him to start something.
              He just turned aside to whisper
              to my cousin who suddenly cried
              'Oh look at that golden bird,'
              and being only six I looked up;
              which was all the time he needed
              to separate me from my prepuce.
              'Bastard, sonofapig,' I roared,
              'sister-ravisher, you pimp
              and catalmite,' while he applied
              salve and bandaged the organ.
              Beside myself with indignation
              and pain, I forgot the presence
              of elders, and cursed and cursed
              in the graphic vocabulary
              of the lanes, acquired at leap-frog,
              marbles, and blindman's buff.
              Still frothing at the mouth they fetched
              me to bed, where an anxious mother
              kissed and consoled me. It was not
              till I was alone that I dared to look
              down at my naked middle.
              When I saw it so foreshortened,
              raw, and swathed in lint, I burst
              into fresh tears. Dismally
              I wondered if I would ever
              be able to pee again.

              was many many years ago.
              I have since learnt it was more
              than a ritual, for by the act
              of a pull and downward slash,
              they prepare us for the disappointments
              at the absence of golden birds
              life will ask us to look at
              between our circumcision and death.


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                Originally posted by pophard View Post
                In my own understanding, I don't think it will really affect sex . But, some studies said that the foreskin make a difference when it comes to your sex life.
                Like most other issues, there is a complexity to it.

                Circumcision probably doesn't affect sex much in a person's younger sexually active years. The hormones are high, as is the interest. Some will be affected due to a pre existing fragile psychological state, or a truly messed up circumcision with significant damage. But not all will be affected from a functional standpoint, and it's my impression that most will not be affected, during these years.

                But the US cites stats that a significant number of guys will eventually suffer from ED. It's difficult to separate that from the ads from companies trying to sell those guys something, but there seems to be truth to this situation. But all sorts of agendas get attached to these stats, including circumcision. Why? Primarily due to the inevitable decrease in sensation as a result of a layer of keratin on the glans, corona, and any mucosa left post circ. Is this a locked-in, well known and confirmed effect? No. Stated simply, from the clinical end of things, no it is not.

                So what's real? Nobody really knows, not on the larger scale. But the kool aid on restoration forums is that circumcision as a fundamental negative effect, is a fact.

                Parsec had himself circumcised as an adult. He has the best view of what his situation turned out to be. But that's his situation. So much is unknown, because it is unstudied, about the effect of circumcision, or even the natural foreskin, or even, quite sadly, the natural anatomy and physiology of the penis, that no statement can be accepted as known and confirmed for our gender. Yet. Sad, but true.


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                  Originally posted by parsecskin
                  And THAT is why Islam is such a violent culture. PERIOD!
                  Dear Parsec,

                  I wish to dispute your above claim.

                  Islam means only to do good in the world.

                  To extinguish a major religion of of well over 1,000,000,000 followers is essentially impossible.

                  We only need to discourage those practices which are actually harmful.

                  Muslims are our friends and brothers, not our enemies in this fight.

                  Malicious organisations such as ISIS portray comments like yours as evidence that Islam is under attack to convince young Muslims that they must "go to fight to protect their faith" by engaging in acts of terrorism.

                  Please think carefully about what you say; people's religious beliefs are usually the ones they hold closest to them and insulting them, even when you have good reason to do so, is likely to cause considerable offense.

                  With great respect,
                  [I consider it wise to omit my name from penis-related forums]


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                    If there were ever a time for the new censorship rules to come into effect, I think this argument about the general violence of Islamic people is a good place to start.


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                      Originally posted by mattsprofile View Post
                      If there were ever a time for the new censorship rules to come into effect, I think this argument about the general violence of Islamic people is a good place to start.
                      I agree. Parsec commonly goes overboard, and if the quote above is real, then he managed to shoot himself in the foot yet again. I'm assuming you flagged his post (apparently it's been deleted?). If not, then that's the thing to do.


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                        So THIS is what they were talking about when they wanted censorship, ok. Do I have to remind everybody that almost ALL religions preach that their god(s) is the one true god(s) and that every other religion is wrong and should not be treated as humanely as the opposing religion? Just because nowadays many religions advocate peace and love doesn't cover up the hundreds or thousands of years of oppression and genocide to other religions that don't share their beliefs. I'll say I'm not islamaphobic but I'll never support or respect anybody that follows a religion where one of it's beliefs is to regard me as less of a human being for not believing in said religion.

                        Ok you can delete my opinion now, I got it off my chest