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2016-10-01 Frontiers in Neurology - A “Wear and Tear” Hypothesis to Explain Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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  • 2016-10-01 Frontiers in Neurology - A “Wear and Tear” Hypothesis to Explain Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    I hadn't noticed that a real study was claiming a connection between circumcision and SIDS.
    Infant Circumcision Potential SIDS Factor
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Thanks, interesting hypothesis, sounds pretty reasonable.



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      Excellent find.
      Agree there definitely is a link for IRC male infants, some like myself probably relieved the torture during sleep and wish to die days later.
      How do I know this? I was one, turned blue suddenly during sleep face up and had to be resuscitated by my mum who happened to be a children nurse.
      Sleep is when when infant humans and young animals replay days events to learn from them.
      People are only just discovering there is a link..... that is very sad for all those lives it has cost.
      Middle east coffin cot engineering at its worst.

      Having a boy? keep him natural as is meant to be, don't mess with nature you'll be sorry.


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        Here's the study parsed out:

        What is more useful, are all the surrounding references listed in reference section. While animal models aren't ideal, this is a start.

        And thank you, thank you, Distalero. You knew what you were talking about, while the so-called internet intactivists, out there with their placards and red crotches, ignored your first-hand knowledge on the subject:

        There is a mention in this study that the type of method/implement used to circumcise has an apparent influence on the outcome, as it relates to this study's hypothesis, ie a possible adverse contribution to those factors which cause SIDS . And, this study identifies what he knew to be true: that circumcision is hidden in the hospital birthing fee bundle. Remember his comments on that? I can attest to this as well; I see this on a regular basis. This means it's hidden from any meaningful review; both clinical review, and carrier review.

        Distalero always said that the first step in decreasing the rate of circumcision was to standardize the procedure. So-called intactivists aren't even aware of this need, let alone understand it's importance. In other words, pull circ out from the birthing fee bundle, and standardize how the actual procedure is done. Standardization includes, and re emphasizes, the standard of " tissue sparing" used in all other surgeries. That alone changes the procedure in a big way.

        He saw this as the most important step which can be done in a realm where clinical standards, and peer review, are king. SIDS is of course a huge concern, but whether there is a link to SIDS or not (there has been, and will be, debate), the procedure of circumcision itself lives, and changes, and begins to disappear, at the procedural level, not the hypothetical level. Go after it, and change it, where and how it happens. The why it should happen, or should not happen, will follow.
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