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2018-04-20 [Film Threat Review of] American Circumcision documentary

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  • 2018-04-20 [Film Threat Review of] American Circumcision documentary

    Don't shoot the messenger (me) on this one, but feel free to give this film reviewer a piece of your mind:
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    It's publicity.

    Inevitably, some readers will want to find out how they can see the film, and some will take it upon themselves to learn more about foreskin restoration. I'll pass on giving this guy a piece of my mind, because, as one commenter has already pointed out, this article seems to reveal more about the author than about his intended subject

    For those wondering about the reference to conflating male circumcision with female genital mutilation, the film features interviews with two survivors of FGM. Some of us are already familiar with the activist work of Soraya Mire, who makes it quite clear that she is against both male and female forms. The other (and I've forgotten her name) states that she doesn't have a problem with either one being permissible - the same sort of denialist attitude exemplified by this movie reviewer.

    I saw it in Pasadena on Tuesday night. The amount of information the director manages to pack into just 1 hour and 40 minutes is impressive, not to mention the movie's well produced. I can totally see how it won awards at the two film festivals in which it was entered.


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      And I'll add:

      Someday, someone, some editor with average intelligence, will actually research the practice of tugging and realize that tugging aligns with clinical skin expansion and what is known about the physiological processes involved. That guy, will at that point, hesitate to use the word "stretch", in all its pejorative implication (as used in this article). That editor of average intelligence will realize that skin expansion is used clinically, by professionals, who base their therapy in Science, not street fetishism as this article implies. He will mention this. And then, folks, the game will change. So-called restoration will be seen as a real world, average guy option.

      Skin expansion is real. We do skin expansion. So what we do is real. Whatever else is or isn't true, the emotional and fetishist baggage which comes with the concept of restoration (hate that word) will always be put into perspective by real Science, and this will lead to real descriptions of real benefit for the restorer who has the guts to take that first step. And somebody will make the realization that if tugging provides real benefit, then maybe circ as a routine act took natural benefits away.

      In other words, hate circ, love it, be indifferent to it, but honestly give credence to the options available, ie tugging, based in real science, for real benefit, no matter what your current stance is. Truthful, impartial perspective, not agenda.

      So mj, no messenger shootin', but rather a thanks for the opportunity to make this point which is seldom made.
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        Sounds like a great film. Judging by the comment section(s) online, the pro-circ crowd has definitely lost some of its coverts. That being said, I still know quite a few couples who, even with all the information present, decided to cut their sons. Sad!

        The sickness will be with us for quite some time: albeit in slowly diminishing numbers.