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2016-01-25 NY POST - Circumcision ‘intactivists’ don’t want you (or your kids) to get snipped

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  • 2016-01-25 NY POST - Circumcision ‘intactivists’ don’t want you (or your kids) to get snipped

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    Well, I did not like what that woman had to say.

    She did not say that the claims of statistical studies that cutting prevents diseases are controversial, and that there are other studies that claim the opposite.

    Very few, if any writers to the general public admit that.

    And, when are those outside of the Intactivist community going to stop calling us "so Called Intactivists," and/ or putting "Intactivist" in quotations.

    As an Intactivist I am very insulted this that.


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        The closing snarky comment by the author: "I just hope that guys who spend their lives feeling wounded by circumcision, and the women who enable them, find new hobbies"

        Typical of people who simply do not understand the issue and have no compassion or sympathy for the men who have been negatively affected by circumcision. .


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          What a chicken shit and condescending article. i love the line where she says "intactivists claim reduced sensitivity". Well I can vouch that IT IS TRUE! I got cut as an adult an I KNOW! I also like how there is no comment section. If there was, I'd set her straight.


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            Here's the comment thread on facebook:
            Visit my restoration progress journal.


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              to: [email protected]

              Peyser must apologize for 1/25 circumcision piece

              I should hope you will require Peyser to apologize to victims of Forced Genital Cutting. Having the best part of your healthy genitals forcibly and needlessly amputated is not a "hobby." I think she must hate all men to be so lacking in empathy. HER genitals are protected by law.

              Journalistically she (or the headline writer) really blew it. Intactivists don't care what adults do to their own bodies. It's just false that intactivists "don't want you" to have penile reduction surgery. Informed adults can decide for themselves. Forced genital cutting is the problem.

              Circumcison alters sex dramatically. Child circumcision has horrifyingly haphazard outcomes. Hundreds of thousands of men are enduring the tedious process of non-surgical foreskin restoration to undo some of the sexual damage. You could Google the benefits of foreskin restoration for a start.

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