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2018-03-26 - What It’s Like to Reconstruct Your Own Foreskin

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  • 2018-03-26 - What It’s Like to Reconstruct Your Own Foreskin

    is a series about the people who live on the margins of experience. Here, a 59-year-old man tells Alexa Tsoulis-Reay about his years-long quest to restore his foreskin to correct the damage he believes was caused when he was circumcised as a baby.
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    I’ve seen both sides of circumcision. Not many men can say that.

    When I was born I had to stay in the hospital because I was underweight. One day, the doctor met my parents in the hallway and said, “Your son is ready to go home, oh and by the way, and we just circumcised him.” They hadn’t consented. My mom was so upset she never went back to that doctor again.

    Growing up I’d look down at my penis and see that scar and wonder what it would look like if that doctor had never touched it. Whenever I went to the bathroom I’d stare at the two different colors of skin. It felt calloused. Whenever I took a shower at the gym I wanted to cover myself up immediately. It’s hard to articulate; I guess I felt exposed.

    By the time I reached 40 years old, I started losing sensitivity. It just got worse and by the time I hit 50 my penis was as numb as a . . . .
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago

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    Fascinating story, thanks for sharing!