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2018-09-21 (Atlanta) - Family awarded millions after baby's botched circumcision

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  • 2018-09-21 (Atlanta) - Family awarded millions after baby's botched circumcision

    A Clayton County jury awarded the family of baby DJ over $30 million in damages after the baby endured severe bleeding and damage after a circumcision.

    Author: LaTasha Givens, Lauren Padgett
    Published: 11:56 AM EDT September 21, 2018
    Updated: 8:31 PM EDT September 21, 2018

    CLAYTON COUNTY, GA. -- A Clayton County jury has determined that the family of a baby who had a medical mishap during a circumcision should be awarded over $30 million in damages.

    The attorney's family asked for $100 million.

    n October 2013, baby DJwas given a circumcision surgery conducted by a midwife. According to the lawsuit, after the procedure was finished, the medical staff said the "very tip of the glans had been severed during circumcision." His family claims there was severe bleeding…

    Halfway through the article, there's a link that briefly describes the extent of the permanent injury inflicted on the boy. Here's a more detailed article with the rather disturbing testimony given during the trial: