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The Men Who Want Their Foreskin Back

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  • The Men Who Want Their Foreskin Back

    Ron is quoted in this piece. Kind of a meh article overall.
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    Originally posted by mjwise View Post

    Ron is quoted in this piece. Kind of a meh article overall.
    Meh. I'll say. Despite seemingly being on our team, she got every quote wrong. I didn't tape for 5 years, for example.

    Her lame-ass pro-cut misinformed urologist source wouldn't go on the record. So, open the yellow pages and call one of the 10,000 other urologists, duh.

    I was really excited at the prospect of her interview because the Daily Beast actually owns Newsweek now. Seemed like a big deal.
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      These reporters never seem to get the story straight, this one even misspelled Intaction's name which they later corrected. All they care about is throwing something up on your screen so you click on it and every click or view is ad revenue for them.

      That being said, any press is good press and this reporter was friendly to our cause. It can only help the intactivist and restoring movements by making people more aware of the issues.
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