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2015-11-10 - Medicare [Australia] should not cover non-therapeutic circumcision

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  • 2015-11-10 - Medicare [Australia] should not cover non-therapeutic circumcision



    1. Medicare guidelines state that benefits are payable only for procedures that are clinically necessary and are not payable for cosmetic procedures.

    2. Australian and most world medical authorities have determined that non-therapeutic circumcision is not clinically necessary and is not recommended.

    3. Despite this, Medicare pays a benefit for non-therapeutic (clinically unnecessary) circumcision of males at any age.

    4. There are strong objections to non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors for medical, bioethical, human rights and financial reasons.

    5. In view of Medicare rules and these objections, non-therapeutic circumcision should be deleted from the Medical Benefits Schedule.

    6. This objective is most easily and equitably achieved by adding the words “where medically necessary” to each of the circumcision codes.'
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