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2022-07-22 - MA Appeals Court Tosses Anti-Circumcision Lawsuit

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  • 2022-07-22 - MA Appeals Court Tosses Anti-Circumcision Lawsuit

    The appeals court of Massachusetts has dismissed the lawsuit initiated by Ronald Goldman in 2020 to halt Medicaid funding of infant circumcision.

    Goldman has posted a message on his website thanking his supporters, and linking to the court's final decision:

    EDIT: and here's one more news article, which quotes a bit more of the court decision:
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    This decision seems faulty. The lower court said they had standing. The appeals court didn't really give a reason why they don't have standing. Spending Medicaid money on non-therapeutic procedures is against federal law. Period. Taxpayers can sue to make agencies follow the law and stop wasting tax money.

    And the ruling relied upon an AAP policy that DOES NOT EXIST as of 2017 (and which - as a self-interested statement of trade association - should have no bearing even it if it was still in force).

    The ruling implied that giving citizens veto power over every re-imbursement choice made by the state was a slippery slope. But it's not. Outside of forced genital cutting on healthy male and intersex kids, there is no other procedure we let doctors do that violates this tenet of medical ethics:
    "An intervention is ethical with only proxy consent IF waiting for the patient's own informed consent would lead to net harm, and WHEN less-destructive are exhausted."
    -Ron Low
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      Well, there's not much more they can do, short of taking it to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court... so they're doing just that.

      They'll first submit a request for further appellate review. If it's granted, then they'll be submitting another brief to the court.

      A detailed update is posted here, on Goldman's GoFundMe page:

      The fundraiser amount was just increased, to cover more lawyers' fees, and I have no doubt they'll reach their goal in no time at all.