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Tugging around a Prince Albert

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  • Tugging around a Prince Albert

    A Prince Albert is a piercing that enters on the lower side of the penis shaft in the frenar delta of the glans, the jewelery follows the urethra out of the glans.

    Usual jewelery is a Curved BarBell or a Captive Bead Ring or a Circular BarBell.

    If you plan on using a bi-directional method that uses a pusher plate, you'll find it doesn't work with the Curved Barbell. The pusher crams the ring out of the frenulum hole into the grove of the foreskin and will make it sore quickly and won't give much tension ability.. Moving to a Captive Bead Ring or Circular BarBell that can flip up along side the glans mostly solves the problem as it doesn't put as much pressure anywhere.

    To avoid pinching you'll probably need to make a Frenum Notch in any equipment that goes along the glans.

    If you are planning to use tension methods, a Curved BarBell with the smallest frenum ball tends to work best since it gets in the way least.

    Please add any experiences and findings you have had
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    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything

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    Very long and abusive thing removed. About the only thing not massively attacking was like "You need help."
    Now i remember why i wasn't very sad when this forum was killed off last year...

    Thanks for reminding me that trying to help others who have been mutilated is a bad thing, and that setting up what was a nearly empty section for easy to access information to help someone else makes me: sick, awful, disturbed, needing help....

    You do make a valid point: Why would it be helpful to anyone to be able to find their piercing easily and see what other men have already learned vs having to search pages of "i have piercing, help"? Clearly it's going to be much better to attack people because they're trying to move forward and live their life their way instead of living it your own trolling way. Yes, let's attack our brothers in the fight, instead of the sick fucks who mutilate the genitals of children.

    I decided on a prince albert because of how my frenulum was mangled when they mutilated me.
    When i was erect, the lack of skin forced my testicles back up into my body. My frenulum area would often tear and bleed from having sex or really doing much of *anything* with someone else in control. At one point, I'd considered 'frenulum tying' to help with it, but as my frenar delta was already completely scooped out and i coudn't find any hint of frenum to try it on, clearly that wouldn't work.
    I chose a placement for the PA just left of and in line with the tears. As soon as it was pierced, it freed up tension on the constantly tearing section and i've never had a problem with it since.

    Does this forum have a member block feature like the old one did?

    edit: mods thanks for deleting this guys attacks through all of the posts in this section, but now it looks like i'm a jerk that really over-reacted.
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    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything


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      Thank you for your posts... obviously the idiot didn't get it that this is for education and support. What you and I post must "ring" true for people or else there wouldn't be an entire forum section dedicated to it.

      Keep doing your thing Brother-In-Rings!!!
      Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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        I have always wanted to get a PA. But now since I am restoring, I thought it wasn’t the right time. I know, when is the right time. I just want to get more coverage before I get a PA. But I digress. Since I decided to put off getting a PA for now, I still wanted to see what it looks like WITH a PA. So I purchased a Faux-PrinceAlbert. It’s quite remarkable. It certainly isn’t as functional, that is, you really can’t get aroused or play around while using it, it’s more for the aesthetic nature. I wore this in public for the first time at a clothing optional place in Key West and not only did guys think it was real, they also thought I am intact! I guess I’m doing something right. A few more years and I’ll likely get my PA, but for now, and for some advice to others who are curious, the Faux-PA gives a glimpse of what is to come if you go for a piercing. Click image for larger version

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          Blackazz1981, thanks brother.

          Mk33305, is that one of the glans rings that sits in the corona sulcus and has a partial ring to go into the urethra? I've always wanted to go try a clothing optional place, how was it?

          Here's a restoring foreskin covering a Prince Albert thats wearing either a 4g or 2g 5/8 inch Captive Bead Ring. It uses up a lot available skin that could be closing around glans better.

          Using a Curved Bar Bell doesn't need quite as much room under the hood, but still effects coverage

          (don't worry about the Guiche piercing, it's not important to this thread)
          Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything