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Tugging around a Frenum Piercing

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  • Tugging around a Frenum Piercing

    A 'Frenum piercing' covers most shaft skin transverse piercings between the frenulum and scrotum or mons pubis.
    In this post, i'm just going to is answer about those in the frenar delta of the glans that are covered as foreskin rolls forward. Please add on info about Lorums, Jacobs Ladders, and such.

    The most common jewlery is a straight BarBell, a Captive Bead Ring , a Circular BarBell.

    For Bi-Directional tugging, i find a barbell works best since it won't try to flip around or dig in. A large diameter Captive Bead Ring worn in the coronal sulcus as a glans ring may work well, i haven't gotten to try it yet. I also have not tried to see if a Curved BarBell makes any difference over a Straight BarBell.

    For Tension tugging, a BarBell, Captive Bead Ring, or a Circular BarBell all seem to all work about as well.

    For balloned inflation i didn't notice a difference.
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    I noticed that I am having to place my upper most silicone spine (acting as a top side frenum curved barbell, just below the corona at the inner skin junction) into the retaining cone when I am restoring. Luckily it has some give to it and the cone being malleable enough to allow some give to it all it seems to be no problem. For now. In the future I plan to add another in the traditional frenum placement and I am assuming that I will need a larger cone at that time.
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      does it hurt so much when piercing???


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        It hurts, but you've been through worse.

        Some clamp, some 'freehand' it. Clamps add squeezing pressure that's not comfortable. Maybe a few light pokes while they get holes and needle lined up and prepare to send it.
        The actual stab is a REALLY sharp pinch, and then pop feeling when needle's through. Then kind of a dry stretching pressure while the needle is moved to blunt end.
        Then another similar discomfort when the jewelery is transferred in.
        Then some weird torquing while the CBR or Barbell is secured.

        Once the jewelery is installed, and it's had a minute not being messed with, the pain is pretty much over for a while.

        Keep up on sea salt soaks. Dry enough to heal vs moist enough to not have crusties. Clean but not over-cleaned and irritating it... Initial healing is usually around 6 weeks, then you can go back for a Correctly Sized bar instead of Healing bar with extra room for swelling.

        Consult an APP certified person, make sure sterile items are used...
        Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything