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Help a pierced guy figure out tugging

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  • Help a pierced guy figure out tugging

    I user writes: "Does anyone have any experience with using the TLC Air with a PA piercing?"

    See this thread for what else he wrote http://foreskinrestoration.vbulletin...-few-questions
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    I haven't played with the tlc air yet, but it sounds like if you went with a snug fitting curved barbell with a ball that seals the piercing hole it should have you back in business.

    I wish the board hadn't puked everything we had ever written, it used to have a lot of tricks in here.
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      The ChainGang offers a Big Ballin' ring that will help seal up the urethral opening. Not sure if this helps but maybe it can give you some ideas.
      Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!