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  • Foreskin piercing

    I succeeded to length my intact foreskin just wearing a ring and let the erection do all the job. After a few years wearing it from time to time I have a foreskin longer than my penis for a few centimeters when he is not erected and covers him with no problem when he is erected. In foreplay my wife often punches with a needle through my foreskin and that stimulates me a lot. So now I'm thinking about getting foreskin pierced. My wife also likes the idea and she encourages me to pierce it twice so she can use this holes for some kind of chastity belt. Do you have some expirience/advice about piercing the foreskin?

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    Go see a shrink. You need processional help.


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      I have no experience with piercing that area, but the link above is a firsthand account written by someone who has done it...and advises against it.

      Good luck


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        Ignore hypocritical critics who go around tugging on their dick skin all day in the hopes of making it longer. Throw stones much?

        Your idea isn't far fetched at all and is practiced by many inadvertently who have just such piercings. When the gauge gets heavier the weight stretches the skin much easier. I have implants and piercings and have noticed a significant increase in mobility near those areas from the body modifications alone. Google Elayne Angel. She wrote the {piercings} bible and she can design some things that will get you on your way.
        Good luck bro!
        Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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          You probably don't want to use a foreskin piercing for a chastity device because it may rip out if you get an erection, if you're just doing some light chastity play in a bedroom setting then it's probably ok because if you feel pain you can call the safeword and she can unlock you and remove it. It would be unsafe to have a device/lock on all day though. I initially liked the thought of having penis and foreskin piercings but since the skin on your penis is more malleable than the skin on the ears or nose or (insert facial or body piercing here) the weight of the jewelry will stretch the holes and you will have to get a bigger gauge hardware or keep the jewelry out and let the hole heal some.


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            I know this guy was chased off the board on his first post by some ignorant fool, so this is not likely to help him.

            As for the 'chastity piercing' idea there seem to be a couple styles. Foreskin infibulation, Foreskin infibulation to Guiche, or PA to Guiche, or Frenum to Guiche.

            If you had "Enough" overhang, and well healed large enough gauge fistulas... maybe?

            I am NOT reccomending getting your foreskin pierced if you still want to grow more skin. Also not reccomending trying that. However, these guys are using large gauge foreskin piercings as skin anchors to grow more skin.


            i know i keep randomly coming across people new to restoring talking about ''restore by piercing", this is the ONLY place i've seen anyone try that concept. All the other mentions seem to be by people that don't yet have enough skin to wear a device yet.
            Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything