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Air tugging with PA?

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  • Air tugging with PA?

    Hey, I was wondering if any of y'all have used the inflation method with a PA. Idk how well it would work, but I think it may. I've had my PA out for quite some time because my girlfriend was getting a little irritation from me wearing it. We're thinking of giving it another try and I don't want to slow down the progress I've made in the last few months by not tugging anymore. I've been using the inflation method to some degree of success and it seems legit considering there's no pressure on the piercing itself. Any thoughts?

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    Until now i had no real answer to that question Tristen.

    I've reccently cobbled together an Air-Inflation rig made of 2 'water balloons' (one inside other), secured with the mouth section of another balloon wrapped a couple times, to a length of silicone tubing, inflating with a 24mL syringe. Retained by a ring. It takes a couple cycles of pinch tube/get more air, but it's easy enough and no problems with getting a bad seal.

    I've been trying inflation as a higher tension / lower time method. Lower pressure or remove at discomfort, more on off cycles.

    I'm seeing nothing causing interference with wearing a 4g cbr in PA, or 10g cbr in Frenum. I havent tried it with barbells in either yet, those annoy my wife more or take longer to remove. I don't expect them to cause an issue though. Removing piercings for restoring is an easy option anyway. The fistula may shrink some, but PAs rarely close up.

    Don't attempt with new, healing, normalizing, or rejecting piercings. If it's been healed atleast 6 months and is comfortable, you're an adult, and know your body.
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