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Tugging around a Dydoe

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  • Tugging around a Dydoe

    The Dydoe piercing is longitudinal through the Coronal Ridge of the Glans. Usually only suitible for men with a glans that isreally prominent beyond the shaft.

    Jewelry is usually straight or curved barbells, sometimes captive bead rings

    Please share anything you learn about restoring around Dydoe piercings.
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    Before I started on my restoration journey to restore my foreskin I had all the penis and scrotal piercing except for an ampallang, at one time I had 45 piercings on my penis and scrotum. I removed all of them when I started to restore as they did not work very well with restoration devices, jewelry started to migrate which was painful. The main reason I had all of those piercing was to try and gain some feeling during sex and masturbation from being circumcised which worked, (which is why I assume you also have the dydoes or want one), once I started to restore the sensation got much better and today it is great with no piercing. I will always have the scars from my piercings which I regret having, don't like having two pee holes for one, plus I have a deep hole in my glans from an apadravya which will never go back completely closed. The dydoe scars are more noticeable now that my glans has dekerantized and that the glans is back to it original state or as close to what it can be before I was circumcised, which is soft, moist, and shinny.
    If you want to retain your dydoe piercing or are thinking of getting one the only way you would be able to restore in my book is to use the manual tugging methods, as devices will cause pressure against the glans and you will have migration and pain issues.
    So if you are think about getting one and are serious about restoration my advice is don't pierce any part of your penis.


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      Manual stretching seems to be the only option available to you (assuming you already have the piercing, which seems like a safe bet).

      Between those two links, that should explain just about every widely-known manual stretch technique. It sucks, because devices are definitely the most low-effort way to restore, but manual as a sole means of tugging has been shown by multiple people to provide some really fast results—if you are diligent about it, and stay motivated.

      It's a shame...if your piercing was on the underside, it might be possible to work around it. Most devices have options designed for men who have a frenulum, and that could have been an option to try. Would've been more of an experiment than a guarantee, though.
      Hope this helps.


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        Actually I don't have, and never considered this one.
        I'd just noticed that it was about the only penis piercing that didn't have a topic going yet.

        It might be helpful if you guys could add some of your thoughts and experiences to the other pierced threads in here too. Only 2 of the threads i had started in this section have actual pierced & restoring experience involved.
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