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VLC Hanger to address curvature / Peyronies symptoms

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  • VLC Hanger to address curvature / Peyronies symptoms

    Hi, I'm Ron Low and I make tension devices. Mostly I help circumcised men lengthen the skin tube so it can act like a foreskin. Wearing gentle tension for 10-12 hours per day can help the tensioned skin elongate by up to 2% per month. Our devices for this are called TLC Tugger, TLC Hanger, and the TLC-X. Typical users need to add so much slack they wind up using the device for perhaps 5 years.

    A modified version of our tugger with no vent hole would cling to the glans by vacuum when tension is applied. These devices impart more tension to the shaft than to the skin. The names for these devices have a V (for ventless) in them, like VLC Tugger, VLC Hanger, VLC Packer, and VLC-X.

    I see a lot of guys bragging online about the inches of erect length they gained in a few months using traction, but I've never seen credible evidence backing up such claims. I do have carefully made before / after pics from a guy I trust. He wore the VLC Tugger for a year with gentle tension about 10-12 hours per day and he improved his erect length by 1cm for the year (about 0.6% per month).

    So if my ventless device can help add length to the erection, I thought perhaps using a traction device in a way that puts extra tension on the short side could help with curvature, whether the curve was due to healthy normal variation or due to disease process.

    Here is a NSFW link to my device {​} and the accessory strap that lets it bias the tension side-to-side or up/down {​}. And here is a link to cheap traction rigs on ebay {​} (I have no financial stake in those).

    Our devices use your skin tube to get a grip on your penis. This means about 10% of circumcised men may not not have enough slack skin to be able to apply them. But because your skin is used to form a vacuum around the glans, when tension is applied the WHOLE shaft is tensioned. This is very different from other traction devices that use a strap or noose behind the glans. It also means you need to be careful and use only gentle comfortable tension. Yanking your penis by the glans can cause an injury that leads to "hyper-mobile glans" (imagine a person whose skull was still attached by his neck skin, but without neck bones). You don't want a head that flops around like that.

    Because I have only one data point to call a success, it's very important that you pursue this only with a doctor's advice. And if your penis causes you pain or is more curved now than at some time you can remember you MUST get medical care.

    And I've already sold hundreds of sets for Peyronies but I can't force anyone to report back on their progress. So if you've used my device, PLEASE comment pro or con. My core business is helping men (over 50,000 since 2003) restore their foreskins, and I offer the Peyronies system only because I know there is a frustrating lack of effective solutions. It would not take bread off my table if the feedback warranted pulling the Peyronies system from the market.

    One other note: Using a VLC Tugger with a SG-style traction rig adds about 1.5" to the needed extender length, compared to using an extender with the maker's strap or noose, so choose an extender with extra-long siderails if you can for this application.

    If your penis POINTS to one side (from the base) then wearing a VLC Tugger strapped to the opposite leg can help with that. The traction rig-based system is only for a bend within the shaft.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself. Good luck.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago