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    Originally posted by Zeke25801 View Post
    I just found this forum through a Google search. I am an intact male however my foreskin only covers maybe half the head of my penis when flaccid . . . less when erect. I am very interested in lengthening techniques. Keep in mind that I am a complete newbie and know very little about themprocess or lingo, other than I am determined to do it. I want my foreskin to completely cover my penis when erect, and if possible, even extend beyond the tip. Does anyone have suggestions about how to get started? I am open to any and all suggestions.
    I would check out the available devices and try them all for yourself. The best devices currently available are the TLC X, DTR, and PUD. I just got the DTR and TLC X and I have to say that the DTR is more reliable for me. Only because my skin seems to pinch and get bunched up in the cone shape more than the bell design. I used the PUD for 3 to 4 years. It works very well and allows you to add weight. Right now I am experimenting with switching over to the DTR full time. The dual tension seems to help.

    Being that you have a lot of skin, you can reach your goal in no time at all. I would try the DTR with added weight. 30 to 50 ounces seems to be the sweet spot in my opinion. (TLC-X) (DTR) (PUD)


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      Just saw there is a forum for intact guys. Looking for feedback on lengthening.

      Intact but dealing with retraction when walking & running which can be very uncomfortable. I'm trying to lengthen foreskin, especially on top side where its slightly shorter. Doing some tugging and have tried device meant for restoration, but seeing limited results. Would like to know what intact guys with similar issue are doing to remedy. Part of problem is I wore f.s. retracted for years thinking it was cleaner to do this. Lost a lot of sensitivity, and I think f.s. may have shrunk some by doing this? I have to admit that since I've been training it to stay over glans, I have seen improved sensitivity and have seen better coverage. So glad to find this forum!


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        Some great stories posted here, can relate to many! This is the first time I've heard other guys expressing similar experiences. Wanted to share mine.
        Growing up in the US, many guys are cut. I had limited exposure to seeing other guys naked, but for the ones I did, they were all cut. I was embarrassed and ashamed of how I looked with my foreskin. Even my older brother who is cut would tease me about it.
        In my mid teens, I started wearing it retracted - felt it looked more "normal" that way and was better for me. I had to train it to stay back, and it was uncomfortable at first. But over time, it stayed back more easily. And I lost a lot of sensitivity.
        In recent years, I finally realized how great it was having a foreskin! I am so grateful my parents left me intact. But by then, my foreskin did not want to stay over the glans. It was so used to being retracted, I think it maybe shrunk too from being retracted for so many years.
        It took a lot of work to retrain it, but it generally stays over the glans now. And I've seen a nice increase in sensitivity (though not what it once was). But the foreskin still retracts at times at the most inconvenient moments, especially when doing physical activity.
        I've been trying to stretch, and its getting better. But I need more length to keep it over glans. I've tried tape, retainer devices, and tugging which have all helped. I'm looking for more tips from intact guys on how they addressed this retraction problem. I feel like I'm almost there, just need a little more length - especially on the top part of the foreskin where it's slightly shorter. I think this is what causes the retraction.

        Thanks all,


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          Hi Ken, it sounds like we are at different stages albeit with some similarities. I managed to get from an intact CI2 to the upper end of a CI3 over the course of four months using 3D printed improvised devices resebling the DTR system. I found that stock devices interfered too much with my frenulum resulting in an uneven pull and discomfort. The dorsal side like yours is shorter and tends to pull the skin back. I think I'll have to move to a different device to focus on outer skin growth at some point but for now, the DTR style system seems way more convenient and concealed. As for retaining, I tend to use tape for comfort and safety reasons...


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              I'm not familiar with a lot of the terminology here. What exactly does c13 and c12 mean? I'm assuming it's measuring the length of the foreskin?


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                The terminology CI-3 and CI-2 refer to the amount of foreskin one has covering the glans in either the flaccid or erect states. If you search the internet you will find places which have photographic sets showing the coverage in each CI number range.

                Sorry for the bold print. I accidently hit the bold selection and do not know how to turn off that which has been typed in the Bold setting.


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                  Very helpful. Thanks. This is a link I found if anyone else is unfamiliar with this terminology.
                  While this is meant for guys restoring, it does offer a good guideline for progress. I'd say I'm in the CI-9 range but wanting to go wo CI10. I have good coverage when flacid, but still the foreskin will retract on some days while moving around. I can't really figure out why other than walking may produce some tugging effect that makes the foreskin ease back. I'm mainly doing manual tugging now to focus on the top portion. Trying to be gentle.
                  I reviewed some of the posts on this site from guys that are restoring. Some really great progress! So great to see that guys can correct circumcision. I've come to understand how fortunate I am to have been left intact and can only image the joy these guys are experiencing as they see the benefits of having foreskin coverage.


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                    This video has me curious, the part about stretching inner foreskin. Never considered this. Thoughts?
                    Do you think this applies to uncut guys? That inner area is sensitive, would have to go slow.


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                      Hello there, intact lenghtenere here. As said in profile and in old forum, I was forcefully retracted when I was young, and feel lucky to not have it cut as brothers here.

                      As for the time in restoration, for sure delays and emotional implications in the process are not the same.

                      But as a lengthener, I have witnessed the process of a lot of changes. Feelings, sexuality, sexual preferences, jerking off techniques, proximity and speed of intimacy... Actually, my process cannot be compared to one that was cut. But I think the process of relearning can be similar. I was CI-3 if I remember well. And stopped tugging (with TLC-X, air tugger) a while back, like 2 years ago, when I finally woke up a cold morning to see that I was always ptotected; always covered. That was never the case before, glan always popping out of skin, always exposed, unless manually replaced, skin tugged to extend and push glan back in after 2 years of tugging. I decided my journey was going to stop there, since as everyone know, tugging, for lenghteners and cut, is a long and involving process. That was my stop point of reminding me everyday or air tugging, skipping days, to having the device put away and only revisited when I was in the mood, almost forgotten.

                      The point here is that loose cut/forced retracted/short foreskin guys will go through a really similar emotional process of relearning their whole sexuality. There is a lot to still learn about penises, intimity linked to foreskin/protection, and there is seriously a really big difference happening when the penis is not considered an external organ, where the glan begins to be considered an internal organ. The visual of it is part of it, sensation changes completely. Sexual preferences change. Partners get lost in the process. This brotherhood played a really big role in my process. And I hope all forced retracted guys out there, who felt something was forced changed upon them without their consent, can be considered as brothers who have something to say and can have compassion.

                      I actually feel myself really grateful to have been able to "feel" the difference that not a lot og intact guys can understant about the relearning of your body when you go through such process.

                      Anyway guys, I'm not there often now, and receive emails here and there. But I have to say that seeing this group having messages recently made me log back in.

                      Happy relearning, guys.
                      Hope you find comfort in this forum like I did in the past.


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                        Thank you for your feedback! It is inspiring to hear other's stories and what they went through. And it's amazing to see the results from stretching techniques. It is truly life changing in many ways.
                        All the best,


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                          Reading the entries here of statements by intact men has been very educational. I was cut, have fully restored with good flaccid coverage. My goal has been to gain full erect coverage. I find the problems experienced by intact men very interesting. It would be great to learn more from other men who are intact. I wonder if those who are intact experience extreme sensitivity. Do you who are intact have ejaculatory control problems because of this heightened sensitivity. I know that when in my early 20s I had control issues, but I became educated and developed control.

                          I might add that I am a nudist. As a result I have had several men who are cut approach me one on one asking questions of what it is like to be intact. Interesting.


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                            Yes, very sensitive. Have to be careful when having sex. I think an understanding partner is important. If you are with someone who does not have experience with an intact guy, they can be too rough with the glans - treating it as a cut guy can handle is often too rough for us. I'm looking for better coverage when erect also so I can last longer due to that heightened sensitivity.


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                              Originally posted by Ken View Post
                              very sensitive. Have to be careful when having sex
                              When I started with the Canister I got ticklish right away, I think from the fact that my glans was bathed in lotion 24/7. I even went from sometimes not climaxing from intercourse to occasionally finishing quicker than I would like. But just like with someone upgrading from a little Vespa to a giant Harley, it's possible to work through the awkward moments and master the new power.

                              But I like to say that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PREMATURE EJACULATION. Orgasm will come when it's inevitable. It's only premature if the ejaculator stops working to please his partner before he or she has had enough. So I tell men, if you finish quicker than you'd like, you're not done. Laugh it off, compliment your partner's hotness, and get busy rubbing, poking, licking, etc. until your partner is satisfied or your penis is ready for more.

                              Thinking of it this way takes the mental stress out of enjoying intercourse.
                              -Ron Low
                              [email protected]
                              847 414-1692 Chicago


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                                When I was much younger (22 yo) premature ejaculation was experienced most of the time. I inquired of a pharmacist friend as to a solution. His suggestion was to use a product "Orajel." One had to be careful when using this. I believe it continued benzocain. Time passage was necessary for the product to be absorbed, and care not to get any on your partners clitoris as it would cause her to delay also. I used this produce only when engaged in vaginal intercourse. When masturbating nothing was used. I would edge so as to train my body, and become aware of the PONR. Tbis was very successful. Then later in life the numbing of the glans because of keritinization became a problem. I was so glad to listen to Dr. Dean Edel and his comments concerning restoration.

                                BTW there is a section on Reditt where an individual rants about the benefits of circumcision, and the dangers of restoring. "His" rants obviously show that he has been brainwashed by a portion of the medical community.