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Is there an alternative to manual tugging method #2?

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  • Is there an alternative to manual tugging method #2?

    A friend of mine is interested in foreskin restoration. He is at about "CI 3" right now. Much of his frenulum was left untouched.

    The 'catch' is he has celebral palsy. His manual dexterity is affected.

    The two methods I've thought of for him to start are:
    - DTR
    - an air method

    Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
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    How much can he move his hands? I've seen a few people with the condition, with varying degrees of mobility of their arms. The DTR and air devices do require some fine motor skills to apply. Manual tugging merely requires the ability to grip the skin and pull it. Figuring out how best to do so will require some imagination on his part.

    Method 2 is only one way of doing manual. Encircling the shaft will enable a restorer to stretch the entirety of the shaft skin at once, but this isn't necessary. It can be done in sections, without the need for a complicated grip. Holding the skin in place doesn't even require much movement of the fingers; illustrations of method 1 show that the skin can simply be pressed against the shaft and tugged:
    Foreskin restoration by manual tugging with method one 1, which is manual restoring by tugging the foreskin of the penis of a circumcised or intact man.

    The amount of tension applied also doesn't need to be high; as Tally says at the above link, each stretch has to be sustained for a certain amount of time - I usually go with around 20 seconds when I do manual.