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Manual Methods while Flaccid?

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  • Manual Methods while Flaccid?

    Can anyone give me a rundown of what manual methods I can do without being erect? In particular I'm wondering about Method 2; I've seen lots of people say it both CAN and CAN'T be done while flaccid, and that's likely the method I want to try first so I wanted to know before attempting it with any dedication.

    It's honestly more of a mindset thing than anything to do with sensitivity, but in what few instances I've tried manual in the past, I haven't been able to keep an erection long enough for it to really be effective (with the assumption that I needed to be hard in order to do to it). At the same time, doing it flaccid doesn't really seem effective either because it looks like I'm literally just stretching my whole penis rather than targeting specific areas of skin. But again, that's why I wanted to ask this in the first place.


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    The key is to apply tension to the skin that you want to grow. In method 2, you are sliding the skin over the erectile tissue to do that. It was meant for doing on an erect penis, which makes it easier since the skin can be trapped between your hard erectile tissue, yet slid and tensioned.

    But if you focus on the skin, then method 2 is simply pulling the skin away from the scar, or some other mid point, no? And, thinking about it that way, one can still encircle the skin tube even though the penis is flaccid, and pull the skin apart, at least in theory. further astray, one can simply use their thumbs to apply the tension, using the rest of their fingers to trap the flaccid penis, right?

    I think it is better not to get too hung up on the exact method and all its details. they are suggestions. the real key is to sort out for yourself how to best manipulate your skin to apply enough tension to trigger growth.

    Hope that was helpful. Words are not as easy as illustrations.



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      This is going to sound simple-minded, but manual is just that, manual; you use your fingers. Nothing else is involved. You can use your fingers with any of the "methods", without having an erection. The methods are just different ways of applying tension. Tension is tension. Pull any direction you want. Tension is the kickstarter that gets your skin to respond with its internal response.

      There is nothing magical about any of this, so nothing magic in methods. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ANYTHING OTHER THAN FINGERS, AND SHAFT SKIN, for manual. Having a flaccid penis, or an erected penis, does not make any difference with what happens when your skin responds (a flaccid penis is easier to deal with). It's just fingers, and shaft skin. And tension that comes from pulling on your shaft skin. And that's it.

      And because it always needs to be said (but I seem to be the only guy who says it): No one needs planning, strategy, some pretense at technology, no science, no special diet, no substances, nothing. Just you, and your skin, and a few minutes out of your day. That's all anyone needs to get the show on the road, and to keep the show rolling down that road. Restoration is YOU. You are restoring YOU.

      But the consumer culture reigns out there, and BS and self promotion reign on forums, so everybody thinks they need "something else; something I don't have" to be successful. Guys feel that somehow they are standing at a distance from the situation. Wrong. No third party or component will help. No third party or component CAN help. Just you and your tissues. And the only part you play in that, is to apply tension. The rest, the entirety of it, is sealed in........... in YOU.

      You'd think this would be good news.
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