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    Tomorrow i will be testing for a few months Andres method. I have heard stories that they get satisfactioniry results with this method. I have been using my device for 4 months and was fantastic the first 2 months as my skin loosened and wrinkled but now and it seems that my progress has stalled and not gone anywhere. Hopefully Andres method works best for me. Has anyone gotten success from this method?

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    Whats the Andres method?


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      The Andres method is a manual tug and pull with a twist in it. It's what I've been using for the past few months and it definitely works, but I can't wear O rings even though I'm a C5


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        Originally posted by Tink View Post
        with a twist in it
        And what's the twist, and how can I do the andres?


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          Where can you find a link to Andre's method!! I have added manual tugging also with my DTR!! I have heard so much about this method!!


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            Here is a good explanation:


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              Skeptical about this Andre character and his method. I think it's cool that someone came up with something new but is it effective? Pulling the skin downward, stretching the scar line? Doesn't sound like a good method to me, but maybe I just don't see the genius of it.

              EDIT: Trying out this Andres method, only occasionally when I can remember. Seems to be a great idea actually. Inner skin stretching downward. Maybe it is effective... Wouldn't think the scarred skin would have much growth potential...
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