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  • Time on my hands

    I have a lot of free time this summer - planning on doing a lot of manual tugging each day. I'm not going to use any device - is this advisable? Any thoughts on how to get the best use of my free time and manual tugging?

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    If you've got the time and the willingness to commit, manual is the absolutely most effective method. It just inconvenient as hell, but it works very well.


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      Just to give an update on how this summer has gone. I've tugged consistently each day for probably around 30 minutes to an hour. Every 1-2 hours I sneak away into the bathroom and tug for 2-5 minutes, manual methods of course. I've seen a growth of about 1 mm in the past month - I think if I up my tension and time each day I could add a couple more millimeters in the coming month. I added one tiny wrinkle onto my shaft - keep tugging everyone!