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Jackin by rolling manual?

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  • Jackin by rolling manual?

    Since getting some growth after a couple years and now being to get decent FEC, I have switched masturbation to rolling the tube up the shaft onto glans. Does doing that vigorously and iteratively count as some manual time. Usually use DTR as my routine. I get bored with manual and run at of gas.

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    If masturbation triggered the skin to grow you would think most circumcised men would have been restored by the end of puberty, smile.

    What counts as tugging to me is seeing more skin. If you see progress, then it counts, no?



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      Like greg implies, masturbation won't do anything in the way of skin expansion, unless you like really rough sex. Tugging is basically going beyond everyday stimulation. Tugging is about focusing on one or two tissues, not on a pleasurable, sexual interplay of all tissues and structures. Tugging is about causing your skin to wake and go into response mode, in order to avoid being torn. Fapping, at least as I understand it, is about a very different kind of stimulation. It isn't a borderline crises response in any way, it's about giving yourself a happy.


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        I want to say no masturbation won't cause skin to grow but I've always tried to pump the skin like there was a foreskin there (nobody told me how to masturbate) but I think it may have loosened the skin a little but i'm cut a little loose so idk it was a long time ago when I started fapping and I can say for sure that restoring grows more skin than all the jerking off could ever do