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Seeking some manual tugging information

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  • Seeking some manual tugging information

    Wanted to gather more info on manual tugging, I plan to do as much restoration as possible using only manual methods.

    After doing some moderate tugging can you see tiny wrinkles on the skin you've been stretching that run from left to right? Is that a sign I'm doing it right and mitosis will occur?

    How can I tell I'm using good tension/time ratio? What should I be feeling while actively tugging? Seeing? What's your method on achieving appropriate tension?

    I plan to do it maybe half a dozen times through out the day for 1-5 minutes each time, and 20-30 minutes at night.

    When you started tugging do you feel any sensations down there just throughout the day? Like, can you tell you've done some tugging towards the end of the night just by how it feels? Not necessarily discomfort, just any type of sensation. What does over tugging feel like, aside from an injury?

    I need suggestions on lotions and oils to use to help reverse keratinization.

    I'm trying to protect the glands as much as possible to start restoring sensitivity, would putting a small soft silky bag over my penis during the day help protect it from abrasion from boxers, etc?

    I'm almost 26, have difficulty achieving orgasm with my wife through natural intercourse and I'm not happy about it. I tend to over think and over do things and I don't want to do that here so I'm just seeking some advice from experienced people.

    Please don't bother suggesting a device, I ride my motorcycle A LOT and am not willing to risk the type of injury even a minor collision could inflict.

    Thanks everyone! I'm so jealous of uncut people and people who have successfully restored after learning what I'm missing out on. Hope to join you guys! ;)

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    Totally agree with the input from Reality, it is indeed a very personal thing which routine works best for anyone.

    Finding the right tension is something that takes time, and the most important thing is that tugging should never cause any pain, as then clearly the tension is too high and it's likely to do more bad than good.

    As for feeling any sensations after tugging, I'd say no, there will be no immediate impact of the tugging. Only over time as you make progress you'll start to feel differences. As these changes come very gradual, you might not even notice them that easily.

    As pointed out by reality, most of the sensitivity improvements will come from getting coverage, so I think his advice for starting to retain when not tugging is a very important one. This of course will only be possible when you have enough skin to get there, but at that point you should see rapid changes. Any moisturising ointments could help a little for speeding up the process, but again, only when you can also maintain coverage after applying it. I've used those for a short while before I reached full flaccid coverage but my feeling is that I saw most improvements just from having the natural skin covering up the glans. I'm still hoping to improve it more by focusing on more inner skin growth, as most of that got removed during my circumcision.

    Good luck, and keep in mind that it's persistence that is really key to success. In the beginning it can be hard to keep yourself motivated, but once you start to see real progress after a few months, that's very encouraging to keep on going. Especially once you can start retaining to maintain coverage things will go very fast in terms of sensitivity, so I hope you'll reach there as soon as you can.
    There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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      Was circumcised as an infant. Began to have issues as a teen. Skin was so tight that erections often caused tears that sometimes bled. I'm 57, now and masturbation & rubbing clothes ( I wear boxers exclusively) have caused a small blister on the top of my glans. I'm now determined to restore my foreskin as much as possible. I've begun assembling the materials and just ordered tape and stretching belt yesterday. Id appreciate any advice, encouragement or pointers as I begin this process. Your prayers would help too.


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        You will, with time, begin to find your way. There is no one way. For you there is only YOUR way.
        yes sensei *bow*


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          A few of us have written our experiences with this sort of thing... I too bled in my twenties during sex. Currently I am getting great progress using a few variations of stretches ranging between manual #'s 1, 2, & 3. I'm also using manual for scrotal stretching as well which seems to stretch even easier. Initially I started with a ton of #2 and even now #3 is more difficult near the frenulum where the skin is a bit tighter but when I have a decent grip it's astonishing the progress I've made. Doing these has also allowed me to focus on one side where the cut was tighter than the other side. I have also had good results with lotions and oil because it has allowed my aggressive tactics to continue. I stretch throughout the day and generally moisturize at night. This has been helpful in reducing my stretch marks and allows for more pliable skin the next morning.
          Progress for me was instantaneous because I measured progress as proof that it worked: I got a few stretch marks that first week and I was convinced. Of course that is way too much tension and can lead to tearing or worse. One wrinkle at a time and I always curse myself for not being more consistent with it all.
          My purpose and technique at the moment is to continue loosening the skin in ALL directions (to include width wise) to allow for future jewelry and other modifications.
          In my experience manual stretching ranks ahead of RTM and that is ahead of weights, which is ahead of an ADS.
          Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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            Does anyone here have a link to Andre's Method!! I really want to try this method to add to my routine of method 2 and DTR!!


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              You may need a reddit account, but he is active on here:



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                Air9843, thank you for the link to Andre's method!!