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  • Coconut oil

    Hi, is using coconut oil good after tugging or is it going to impede my progress. I tried it and it seemed to help. Please let me know your experiences with using it during and after tugging sessions?

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    How do you plan on using it during tugging? Coconut oil is super slippery stuff, I don't see how you can get enough grip on your skin if it is coated in oil. In fact, it is often advised to de-oil skin before tugging for this exact reason.

    You can use it after tugging if you want. Some people say coconut oil helps make your skin healthier, and healthy skin does what we want. But I think you can also have healthy skin without using any such products.


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      I used to use it as a post-tugging treatment. No idea how effective it is (for our purposes), but it can't hurt.
      As mentioned by mattsprofile, some use it to help keep skin healthy...healthier skin is less likely to tear, during tugging.


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        Coconut oil is great for moisturizing skin, but that's about it. A proper diet and staying hydrated and AVOIDING TOBACCO (this is a big one) and excess sugar is about all you can do. Skin growth is pre programmed into your DNA and there ain't nothing you can do to speed it up, provided you have found YOUR ideal tension/time combination and that takes experimentation.


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          Yep, I learned never to try tugging with coconut oil while flaccid. Although method 2 worked while erect with coconut oil, but it still was not that helpful. Thanks for all the help and your replies. If I can at-least get to a cl-4, that would be a great victory considering I was cut so tight. The flaccid penis on the website that represents cl-4 looked so natural, just a very short foreskin.