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Natural look with manual tugging

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  • Natural look with manual tugging

    I'm just wondering if it's possible to get a natural looking restored foreskin using mainly manual tugging methods? It'll be some time before I start restoring, but I would imagine that the best way me to do it would be manual.

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    I would really do direct air inflation and supplemental manual tugging.

    “Tissue expansion is a way for doctors to create skin that can be used to repair or replace other skin just about anywhere on the body. ... Over a period of several weeks, the balloon will be filled with fluid to stretch the skin and create more skin surface.”

    Even the medical industry uses inflation to grow skin.
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    It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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      I've never talked to an end-stage restorer who used nothing but manual methods, but I feel confident saying it is possible to restore using nothing but manual tugging.
      Personally, I wouldn't do such a thing because manual demands free time and attention, whereas the devices have the advantage of being able to "set it and forget it".
      I will say that every time I've come across someone who uses nothing but those manual methods, their progress has been painfully slow (relative to progress I've seen, from myself and others who use devices).

      So, yes, it's possible. I don't think it is the most expeditious method, so I would disagree with the idea that manual is the best way for you (or anyone) to restore.


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        Probably the best way, because you can literally fine tune every aspect. It may or may not take longer. I've heard of both people who only use manual, and people who use all kinds of devices for years with very little progress to awesome progress. Just do what ever fits your life and stick to it till the bitter end, oh you can always switch things up along the way if you want. KOT!!!