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    When doing manual work, where exactly should the stretching be focused. I’ve often wondered if it’s beneficial to focus on all of the shaft or just the area which will (hopefully) become the foreskin.

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    The whole shaft I think, the more skin stretched the more skin to go into mitosis.
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    It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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      I have found it difficult to do restoring at work. I typically would do manual tugging when in a private restroom. I produced quite a skin tube that way. I would go to sleep tugging and wake up tugging.

      Fast forward to today, I am retired and work part time doing generator servicing and repair. There is no time for restoring during work due to the nature of what has to be done. On work days I tug when I get home. Today I am not working and have to decide weights, inflation or tensioning with a TLC-X with just the pusher. It is why I purchased a number of options. I do like varying my approach. As long as you do something, you are making progress in your restoration.

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        I say tension as much skin as possible, because all the slack you add will only make it easier for any surviving inner skin to be worn facing in against the glans.

        Note that I DID NOT say use as much tension as possible. Just sayin'
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          I would suggest focusing the tension where you want more skin.


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            Thanks for your comments. The tough part with this whole process is just the time to see results. You really need a few months of consistency to know if your method is paying off. I’ll carry on and see how I go!


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              Agreed time is the issue .