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Is Method 2 a good place to start?

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  • Is Method 2 a good place to start?

    Is Method 2 where you have 2 hands and form an OK sign and pull the skin apart is that a effective way of restoring? Im planning to do this every hour for a couple minutes

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    So? How did it go?
    I'm assuming that you learned that any tugging is a good place to start...?
    Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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      I've been taking a break from device use and have been using manual #2 quite a bit and the results are astounding. The problem with all devices is that: 1) there's nothing to retain the skin at the base so you don't get a good even pull. Especially on the underside. 2) devices trap a lot of skin in them just by their very design. This skin receives no tension and does not grow. 3) devices also reduce blood flow. Very critical for cell nutrition. Devices ARE effective but their main advantage is convenience. Dual tension devices are great for growing inner skin because you have 2 anchor points. My suggestion: mix it up. Use manual and device tugging and your growth will take off.


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        Hi parsecskin: I am using the Cat Stretcher (nothing to do with felines). I am having great success with it and penile base rings are available throw their website.

        Click image for larger version

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