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My restoration journey with manual methods

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  • My restoration journey with manual methods

    I decided to restore due to sudden penile numbness. After a lot of reading on the issue, it seemed to me pretty clear that my childhood preputial amputation was the cause.

    After reading about all the methods and devices out there to help in foreskin restoration, I decided to stick to manual methods only. The reason for such had to do a lot with my job, the clothes I like to wear, and convenience. I have a job in which I’m on call 24/7, I have to wear a corporate suit and tie when at the office, and I like to wear fitted jeans when off work. So, devices were not an option. I could not see me scheduling time to wear those clunky devices at the office.

    Though I was not sure how to follow the online information about the different manual methods, I realized that pulling the scar line during my tugging sessions provided me with the best results. I'm a visual learner, and due to the lack of a good mentor, I did the best I could without one…

    At the same time, I gave myself a deadline for results. Unlike many restorers that tug with devices for years on end with little to show for, I gave myself only one month. If by the end of that one month there was no apparent sign of growth and development, I was going to stop my restoration process for good, and live my life with a numb dick. Sad prospect to a 53 year old male.

    Within the first week of tugging sessions I noticed more slack on my foreskin, and it became stretchier. After the second week, I started noticing a light pink line of new skin around the scar line. This was motivation enough to continue; and I decided to give myself another month trial…

    Three months into my restoration, I had a lot of skin bunching up behind the corona, and on the fourth month my skin had gone over the hump. Also, my glans’ corona started to dekeratinize.

    Going over the hump brought a new problem for me. When walking to and from work, my foreskin would retract, causing irritation of the corona when rubbing against the fabric of my underwear. It got so bad, that I needed some solution to this issue. And out of desperation I started wearing an o-ring to keep my glans covered. It took me two weeks to manage to wear an o-ring for an hour.

    Once I was at this stage, I solved the coronal irritation. But another issue arouse; rings of dry skin on the foreskin. I realized that the o-ring I was wearing was the thin type, and once I replaced it for a thicker ring. A thicker ring, I noticed, is a lot easier to wear and manipulate. Another thing I realized is that, by removing or moving the o-ring up or down the foreskin, the incidence of dry skin patches started to be less and less.

    I also started to notice a feeling of imbalance on my foreskin. Something felt off. It occurred to me that I had to pull inner skin through the o-ring, and the sense of balance was restored. From this point on, I always made sure to pull inner skin through the ring to make sure the two types of skin would develop at the same time.

    As my skin continued to grow, I added more rings to my foreskin. I also started to tug my foreskin while wearing the rings, making sure that the would not come off in the process. At the same time, I started to “massage and tug” the skin in front of the rings on a regular basis.

    My first real milestone in my restoration came when I was able to wear an o-ring at night. To me this was a game changer. The previous months, I kept testing on a regular basis if my o-ring would stay put while having an erection when awake. Eventually, when the ring stayed put, and I could not get any harder, then I decided to wear the o-ring at night. And I’ve been wearing o-rings at night for 2 years now.

    The second milestone in my restoration happened when I was able to climax while wearing rings. This was an indication that I had developed enough skin to allow my glans to expand sufficiently for a comfortable climax.

    As of now, I’m wearing 6 o-rings at night, and 8 to 10 o-rings during the day.

    What methods I’ve used? From the start, I used method 3 to tug. I used cyclic tensioning. I tugged for very short sessions lasting about 2 minutes in duration, then repeating the session every hour, from the time I woke up in the morning, to the moment I fell asleep at night. Once I reached a CI-4+, I started to use my version of the Squeeze-Stretch technique with the difference that I twisted my foreskin, instead of doing a straight pull as in the original method. This way of tugging added diagonal tension to my foreskin. Instead of method 2, I used a stroking outward only technique to help develop outer skin. Between using method 3 on the scar line, which pulls skin evenly, and stroking outwards only, I grew skin quite fast.

    Presently I only use method 3 when erect, and pull and twist when flaccid. I still tug hourly whenever possible. I also tug and twist with my o-rings on.

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    Did you tug flaccid or erect for the 2 minute cycle when you began your restoration? Does it matter?


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      When I started restoring, if I tugged past 2 minutes, I would get an erection. Since I was working a regular job when I started restoring, it was important not to come out the washroom with a boner. So, by keeping the sessions short, and tugging hourly throughout the day, the short sessions turned out to be much more effective that longer sessions. Nobody at the office, but for my very good friend, knew what was going on. Plus, once I was able to retain with rings all day long, removing rings also became a tugging session onto itself.

      Once I had enough skin, I started to use my Pull and Twist method when flaccid, and method 3 when erect. And the o-rings kept the foreskin stretched, without loosing any blood flow in the process, unlike what happens when you wear devices like the DTR, or any other contraption. Devices tend to cut the blood flow to the foreskin; o-rings do not, unless the wrong size of rings are being used.

      Does it matter? Of course. I've always used a system that keeps the foreskin stretch at all times. There are many personal methods I've used to keep the skin stretched and growing. If interested in more information, let me know...


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        Thanks hardacroposthion, I think I will give your regimen a try.


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          Give it a try for a month or two. Keep in mind that, the more you tug hourly for a short session, the better your restoration will go. Long tugging sessions with devices only slow down progress.


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            It works. I've been doing a modified version with device for 30 minutes at a time with 3 to 5 minute manual sessions and in the past month and a half I've gained about 6mm of new skin. Cyclic tension works.


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              Hardacroposthion, what size 0-rings are the best for retaining?


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                All depends on your penis size, skin thickness and elasticity. I've seen men with very stretchy skin being able to wear o-rings, and they are only a CI-3. Because I have thick skin, I could not wear o-rings until I was past a CI-4. The perfect size is the one that feels comfortable on your skin, and can get pushed off from an erection. If the glans wants to go through the ring, the ring is way too big. Try one slightly smaller, and try to get hard without stroking. If your glans pushed the ring off when you get hard, and still comfortable while wearing it for up to an hour when flaccid, you are good.

                The o-rings I wear right now are #15, or 1 x 3/4 x 1/8.


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                  Hey Harda

                  I've been using methods 1, 2 and 3 for short duration as frequently as possible. I am now starting to include retaining with an O ring. How did adding rings help with tension?


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                    Regardless if you use your o-ring as a retainer, please note that you have to pull the skin over your glans to put on your ring. This pulling skin over the glans, then into the ring, is causing a mild tension on your skin. This works pretty much like those earlobe stretchers many people use nowadays. The concept is the same; mild skin stretching.

                    If you push things further, and you pull as much skin as possible through the ring, and ending with a rosebud of skin at the tip, you will feel extra tension behind the ring -- closer to your body -- and now you are tugging with the ring. While flaccid, if you can add another ring or two, then you are adding more tension to the process, because you are now stretching skin with rings. You can feel it as you experiment with them.

                    Try with one good fitting ring. A good fitting ring is one that, in case of an erection, the penis will push off the ring. If the glans wants to go through the ring, the ring is too big, and should not be used. If the ring is too tight, don't use it either. Try to find a balance between ring sizes. I use thick 3/4" in diameter rings.


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                      Originally posted by hardacroposthion View Post
                      Give it a try for a month or two. Keep in mind that, the more you tug hourly for a short session, the better your restoration will go. Long tugging sessions with devices only slow down progress.
                      hardacroposthion - I have switched to doing more cyclic tension throughout the day, every hour or couple of hours I'll do 5 minute sessions. I try to start and end the day with 15 minute sessions each. Are these two long tug sessions a day counterproductive? What do you think? I just switched to this routine about a week ago.


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                        As long as you keep the cycle going, you will be fine. Fifteen minutes of manual tugging sessions are not bad at all because the skin is being tugged without loss of blood flow to the skin. You should see appreciable results within a few weeks. If the skin starts feeling irritated when you are tugging, this is when you stop the session.


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                          “Hardacroposthoan”, first of all I found your methodology very informative. I was cut very tight. I have been restoring for 2 months using manual tugging Methods 1,2,3, and some variations of those methods. I went from a cl-1 to a cl-2 so far. What cl level did you start at? Also Is method 1 or 3 better? One of my issues is that it has been difficult to grab at the scar line with very little skin, but luckily I just had enough. Do you grab only at the scar line or all inner foreskin including scar line? I have been doing other tugging methods because I started off with almost no outer skin such as: bi-directional tugging when flaccid at different areas of the shaft using my pointer and middle fingers of both hands. Also what about one directional tugging where you pull all the skin forward and hold it for a while. Please let me know and again thank you for your great ideas as I have been using them. I look forward to hearing from you.


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                            First off, understand that my restoration methodology is based on repositioning the scar line to the tip of the penis. This is the only way to recreate a skin tube with the same skin distribution an intact penis enjoys. That's why I used MM3 while flaccid almost exclusively at first when I first started restoring. I started as a CI-3.

                            Grabbing at the scar line is difficult when you are short of inner skin, but it is not impossible; it just takes more time and effort in the beginning. When you grab the scar line all around regularly and frequently, you are not only tugging inner and outer skin evenly, but you are also rebuilding the subcutaneous tissue that supports the whole system. The lower your CI level is in the beginning, the more difficult it is to rebuild such subdermal tissue, but again, it is very possible to do. If you are shorter of one skin over the other, you will notice more tension on the shorter side, let's say the inner skin, in relation to the outer. You might not feel any tension on the outer until the inner skin catches up with it. And, as you mentioned, you always tug towards where you want your skin to grow; forward.

                            I recommend that you try tugging the scar line with a certain frequency and regularity on a daily basis. Short tugging sessions, done frequently during the day, provides you with better results than long tugging sessions done less frequently.


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                              Oh ok. Thank You so much for your help. I also noticed that I have some scar tissue in one place on my shaft below the scar line. Will the skin end up not growing as fast in this area?